Online store launched as an application on mobile devices in the PWA technology

Clients of more than 7000 online stores based on the IdoSell, can provide a better shopping experience on mobile devices. All of this thanks to the implementation of the PWA technology (Progressive Web App) in every IdoSell online store. Progressive Web App (PWA). PWA offers the same usability as mobile applications e.g. permanent login or full-screen work, and also provides comfortable and direct access to the store without looking for it on the Internet.

What is the PWA technology?

What is the PWA technology?

PWA is a mobile site that looks and acts like an application. Its operation is based on using the capabilities of browsers. It combines the advantages of a mobile site and applications. After entering your website, the customer will receive a message about the possibility of adding a shortcut to your store on their mobile device. The shortcut that will be saved on the home screen looks like a standard application icon. After pressing it, the website of your store will open as a full-screen mobile application without unnecessary bar with the url address and regardless of the quality of the internet connection. This solution is available to all users using Android. PWA technology is the future, so start using its capabilities today and get ahead of your competition.

The advantages of a web application (PWA) over the application and the mobile site

  • No need to have a development account to issue an application. After adding a shortcut on the main screen of your smartphone, the customer gets an easy access to the current version of their favorite store.
  • No need to write a binary mobile application, which is a very expensive solution only to offer similar usability as a mobile store, adding basic functionalities, i.e. permanent login, partially off-line work (without the Internet) or a full-screen mode.
  • Comfortable and direct access to the store without searching for it on the Internet.
  • The ability to browse the store in case of networks with low connection quality and in offline mode.
  • The online store operates in a full-screen mode without the traditional URL bar, offering better shopping experience.
  • Increases engagement and provides better communication with clients for example, via web push notifications that allow communication with the user in real time, even if the page is not opened at the moment.
How to use the PWA technology in your online store?

How to use the PWA technology in your online store?

To be able to fully enjoy the possibilities offered by the PWA technology, your online store should operate based on the mobile template. Remember that IdoSell gives you many options so that your customers can comfortably use the store adapted to mobile devices. This is a good start for your store to start working with a Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology. It gives you the guarantee that your store will display correctly regardless of the type and size of the device. Thanks to the built-in cache and AJAX technology your store loads much faster, which translates into smooth use of the website. If you have a template that does not support these technologies, consider updating the template that will support these technologies. If your store meets all the above points, it means that clients of your store can take advantage of all the benefits of the PWA technology. All you need to do now is set the logo and store name in the IdoSell administration panel that will be displayed on the smartphone screen and while loading the application screen.

Necessary criteria for the request to add a PWA application to appear on the phone of the viewer:

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