Dropshipping Cloud ™ - a complete ecosystem for large wholesalers

The IdoSell system of online retail and wholesale stores offers a number of tools needed to handle dropshipping and crossdocking. Each panel includes proper options. Thinking about large dropshipping suppliers, we have created the Dropshipping Cloud ™. It offers the ability to install IdoSell shops with a full functionality and opportunities for which sellers do not pay a typical subscription and which are directly integrated with the supplier's wholesaler by offering automatic adding and updating products or placing orders. And all that tested in practice on projects including ABC Data SA, at a predictable price.

How does the Dropshipping Cloud ™ work?

How does the Dropshipping Cloud ™ work?

The Dropshipping Cloud ™ system operates on the basis of dedicated shared servers + so called "Auxiliary system". The auxiliary system is an additional software that works for a given cloud provider and replaces the need for integrators. The system downloads information about the offer, processes and sends this offer to all stores in the Cloud. The offer is updated using the IOF format . The ICDF format is used to place orders and to verify their status. Automatic order processing takes place using the Customer-API and the BasketVerify gateway, which prevents reservations for products that are unavailable.

Additional features of the Dropshipping Cloud ™

  • fees for customers are settled by the owner of the Cloud (partner), but customers have the option of ordering any services at IdoSell
  • the ability of managing stores by partners
  • automatic adding of products
  • raising the limit of products to 200,000
  • the ability to service from 100 to thousands of stores, from different countries and in different currencies
  • offer update almost live in all stores
  • automatic, almost immediate order placement
  • each store can have different prices
  • each store can have a slightly different offer

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additional opportunities for Cloud customers

What are the additional opportunities for customers of the Dropshipping Cloud ™?

Customers of the buyer of the Dropshipping Cloud ™ can settle additional fees (if they want) in IdoSell without charging a partner. It can include different services from the scope of additional fees like SSL certificates or works, e.g. creating individual template. They also have the access to full possibilities and developer tools.

Management by WMS

Store management through a warehouse management system (WMS)

A store operating in dropshipping can use all functionalities the IdoSell platform offers. You can sell products from your own warehouse, use crossdocking, use fulfillment (in case of too fast development or lack of or limited warehouse and send products from it) or run virtual product sales.

What to do to integrate your ERP/WMS system?

  • Contact us and order the Dropshipping Cloud ™, and we will compile Cloud with an auxiliary system
  • Together with our IT department, you will create an IOF 3.0 gateway to query the database
  • Implement simple ICDF CustomerAPI for placing orders

Are you interested in the Dropshipping Cloud ™ for your warehouse?

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