Reporting sitemap of on-line store to Google

Google Sitemap is generated automatically in the on-line stores, so the search tools robots could have complete list of on-line store subpages. You can also perform this operation manually, thus getting higher insight for indexed content.

The automatically sends sitemap to robots. Sometimes you may need more detailed information about indexation of particular pages.

How to send sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools can be particularly valuable for every website, that wants to be high in search results. After adding your store to GWT, go to Optimization > Sitemap section. Red ADD/TEST SITEMAP button is present on the right side of the interface. Store address should be complemented with sitemap (or index of a few sitemaps) location. File address can be found in administration panel in MODERATION / SEO - Search engine optimization.

Please note, that Google - thanks to your report - has an entire store structure indexed, but it does not guarantee, that every subpage will be included in search index.