Full width auction template

One of the two standard auction templates to choose from. The single-column template layout allows maximum use of space and allows attractive placement of photos and information about the product. The main categories of the menu are accented by icons on the horizontal menu bar. An individually prepared banner can act as an information, advertising or link to your other auctions.

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When contacting the graphics department, indicate that you are interested in the full width
and send the following information:

  • What standard template do you want to base your graphic design on?
  • Where should links "About us", "Comments", "Other auctions", "Regulations" (please send us specific links) direct to?
  • What will the product category names in the menu with icons be? (please also send linking to these categories)
  • What information about payment, delivery and personal collection do you want to put in the auction template?
  • What benefits do you want to present using icons?
  • What information about returns, complaints and the company you would like to include?
  • Do you want to present links to other auctions?

Information that will be taken from the panel using variables :

  • Telephone number, e-mail address and helpline opening hours,
  • Auction title (product name), parameters, price and long description,
  • Products photos,
  • Parameters (technical data).

Examples of single-column templates of Allegro and Ebay auctions

Have a look at sample auction templates we have prepared for our clients. We also encourage you to create individual auction templates, so that they are consistent with the image of your store. Contact your template supervisor in the graphics department and they will suggest a suitable solution.

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