Power of cloud computing

We develop the IdoSell.com system using cloud computing - all modules are designed to not distract your attention. You do not have to focus on IT infrastructure or hardware affairs. Thanks to integration of built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module and SMS newsletter module (featured with active variables - set of rules and conditions) you can use a complete tool to support your successful marketing campaigns - easy, efficient and cheap.

Learn more about SMS module in the IdoSell.com platform

The IdoSell.com supports automatic SMS notifications. Learn more about automatic notifications - i.e. about order status - in cheap and easy SMS notifications section.

Personalized SMS newsletter sent from the Administration Panel

Sending individual newsletters has never been so effective. Thanks to the IdoSell.com software in just a few clicks you can send any personalized texts to any strictly-specified group of customers!

  • SMS notification - SMS Newsletter - one of the best available marketing methods

To provide more efficient sales, the IdoSell.com system platform is equipped with easy and very useful SMS newsletter feature.

It is often regarded that personalized marketing is one of the most expensive forms of advertising. The IdoSell.com proves that this is not true. For only a few cents - check the price list - you can reach any customer with text messages quickly and without any effort.

SMS notification key features:

  • You can be sure that your newsletter will be immediately read;
  • You can easily establish a connection between Your on-line store and a customer who does not check his e-mail box too often;
  • You can be sure that the SMS message will be always received by your customer - it often happens that an e-mail newsletter is blocked by anti-spam software;
  • Thanks to SMS branding feature, SMS newsletter is a great tool to build brand awareness;
  • You can efficiently inform about, i.e. special short-term offers, new assortment etc.

Why is it worth to use SMS newsletter feature?

  • Text message content is easy to create - you can type in any text and add special active variables. One click is all it takes to quickly send an earlier-prepared template to ten, hundred and even thousand of customers;
  • It is easy to check the efficiency of your newsletter campaign, thanks to the newsletter history preview and ordering history preview tools;
  • You can easily limit costs - sending texts via the Administration Panel is cheaper than from mobile phone or popular communicators;
  • You keep total control over the entire marketing process - information on each newsletter campaign are stored and always accessible from the Administration Panel.