IdoSell Shop ERP Exporter lets you integrate any external ERP software based on EDI documents

IdoSell Shop ERP Exporter is a free application which lets you download warehouse, order and payment documents from the IdoSell Shop administration panel, using the universal EDI++ (EPP) format. The files can then be imported into an external ERP system, transferred to an accounting office, etc.IdoSell Shop ERP Exportershortens the time required for document interchange. As it is a Java based application, you can run it on any operating system.

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IdoSell Shop ERP Exporter - who is it for?

IdoSell Shop ERP Exporter is an useful utility for shops that rely on the IdoSell Shop warehouse management system and want to export information related to accounting events using EDI++/EPP documents. This process can be automated with the IdoSell Shop API (as it makes such documents available).

IdoSell Shop ERP Exporter is an application we provide free of charge to all our clients, which allows for retrieving EDI++/EPP documents automatically, without the need to develop additional programs that connect via the IdoSell Shop API.

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IdoSell Shop ERP Exporter advantages

Saves time and money by automating the process of document retrieval
EDI++/EPP documents can be imported by popular ERP systems
Streamlines accounting operations, e.g. by allowing to export sales documents form a given month in a single operation
It is free for all IdoSell Shop clients.

IdoSell Shop ERP Exporter functionality

  • Automatic export of warehouse, sales and payment documents from the administration panel, including the option to set a recurring export time
  • On-demand document export
  • Configurable document export types (warehouse, order, payment, refund)
  • Works on any desktop operating system

License and system requirements

  • IdoSell Shop ERP Exporter is a free application that does not require a paid license. It is available for download in you IdoSell Shop administration panel.
  • In order to function correctly, IdoSell Shop ERP Exporter requires an active internet connection and the Java Runtime Environment (which you can get here)
  • IdoSell Shop ERP Exporter can be installed on any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux)

IdoSell Shop ERP Exporter interface