About IAI Downloader

The application connects your on-line store with a wholesaler, downloads his offer including prices, descriptions and pictures of products, and places it in your store. It also performs automatic updates, keeping your offer up-to-date.
IAI Downloader is compatible with all IdoSell.com's wholesale on-line stores or with any other suppliers making their offers accessible by means of:

IAI Downloader – automatic import, offer updates and integration with suppliers

You can download thousands of products from various wholesale stores and offer them in your store in a few minutes. You can also perform a one-off product database import or a mass update of existing products.

Universal tool for integration with suppliers

IAI Downloader is an application used to import and update offers provided by various suppliers. The application connects your shop with a wholesale store, downloads the offer with prices, descriptions and pictures, and places it in your store in a few minutes. It also performs automatic updates based on changes in products availability and prices at wholesalers. IAI Downloader uses an IOF format designed by IAI S.A. as well as XML and CSV formats.

For whom IAI Downloader has been created?

IAI Downloader has been designed especially for shops wanting to automate the process of importing and updating offers. If a wholesale store or a supplier can provide you with an offer in one of the formats supported by IAI Downloader, you can easily download offers and update them automatically. No further actions are necessary, because IAI Downloader will detect changes in the offer and update products in IdoSell Shop. Thanks to that, products in your shop will always be compatible with supplier's offer.

With which supplier/wholesaler can I integrate through IAI Downloader?

If you want to integrate with a wholesale store using IdoSell Shop, you just have to:

  • download and install IAI Downloader on your computer,
  • get in touch with selected wholesale store and discuss details

If you want to integrate with supplier/wholesale store, which does not use IdoSell Shop, you need to make sure the offer is available in one of the formats supported by the IAI Downloader. If yes, just download and install IAI Downloader and then use Add offer scenario. Thanks to a special mapping mechanism, you can configure XML and CSV files to import products and then synchronize them.

Not only integrations with wholesalers, but also product imports and mass updates

Apart from comprehensive wholesale integrations, IAI Downloader also enables one-off product imports (e.g. while migrating products from a different online selling solution), and mass updates of products already existing in the IdoSell Shop panel.

If you want to import products from listings created outside the IdoSell Shop panel, use the tool for listing and product import from marketplaces, which will automatically create new products in the panel and assign them to ongoing actions handling.

How to start using IAI Downloader?

Log into the IdoSell Shop administration panel and go to SUPPORTING APPLICATIONS.
Search for IAI Downloader, order a license and download an installation file. You will receive a license key which has to be entered together with access data to your IdoSell Shop administration panel in an already enabled program.

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