Frequently asked questions about special offers management

Price in "Price after saving changes" column is red. What does it mean?

It means, that special price for selected product cannot be saved and this product will not be displayed ad special offer.

If you have more than one shop in your panel and you are trying to set special prices in only one shop, make sure, that products added to special offer do not have the same price for both stores (on product card). This setting does not allow to enter different prices for different stores. Special offer influences prices in only one store, what - in case when the same prices are set - is not allowed. Solution to this is to change this setting for product prices from the same prices to competitive prices or turning on selected special offer as active in all of your stores.

Another reason, independent from number of stores in panel, is a fact, that special offer tries to set price below its minimal level. Special offer cannot set sales price lower than minimal price.

How to find special offers, that have expired, or when do not remember their settings?

Remember, that you can always use special offer search tool, by means of which you can find all promotions that meet the specified criteria. You can find this search tool in PRODUCTS / Special offer management.

What can I do on special offers lists?

List of special offers allows to preview settings and edit selected special offer after clicking [edit] button next to it. You can also delete selected offers, by clicking [end] - indicated special offer ends and all prices will be restored to previous states. To add special offer, click on Add new special offer button.

What are columns with prices responsible for?

  • Crossed out price (restored after special offer ends) - contain prices calculated on basis of special offer rules and restored automatically when:
    • product is removed from special offer,
    • special offer ends,
    • special offer is deleted.
  • Price after saving changes - if you made any modification of prices (manually or by adding a special offer), you can check, what will be the price, that you plan to publish in store after clicking on Save changes button.
  • Current price - this column shows current product price visible in store. It the same price as one displayed on product card.
  • Minimal price - displays minimal prices set in product edition. As a reminder - it is the price, below which the system will not allow to sell product.

Is it possible to add product to special offer from product card?

Yes, it is possible to add product to special offer from its card. You can add it to both new special offer (creating it) and to one of existing promotions. You can find these options in Marketing section on product card.

Can I add product to another special offer?

If there currently are special offers defined for selected product, you can add it to another special offer from product card, by clicking on add to another special offer.

Notice: Remember, that system will not allow to add product to two special offers that time range can be the same.

After clicking on link to add products to selected special offer, a list of promotions will be displayed. To add product to one of them, just click on Add additional products to this special offer. Special offer edition window will be displayed. If you do not want to add product to any of special offers defined earlier, you can create a new one.

Can I manually set zones for product groups??

No. Zone management - both from special offer module and product card - can be done for each product separately.

Does deleting special offer delete it for good?

No. After deleting special offer or its expiry, you can always check its setting. To find it, just use the special offer search tool. Remember, that by deleting special offer, you are just ending its validity period and all modifications it made will be withdrawn from both panel and your store. You can of course restart special offer - just edit one and click on Resume special offer.

Why do prices in the Crossed out price column underlined in green?

Green underling means, that you can change crossed out price without interfering in new one, in which you want to sell products in special offer. To change crossed out price displayed in store, just click on it and enter appropriate amount.

1. If you want to change only the crossed out price, make sure, that product is not selected/marked. Marking product will cause the price to be calculated again on basis of new Crossed out price.
2. Do not forget to click on Save changes button after every operation!

How to mass-update special offers and products by CSV?

During CSV update you can set:

  • in which zone product should be displayed: Special offer, Discount, Distinguished/Recommended product,
  • special offer expiry date,
  • crossed out price (you can set different for every zone, but the system will choose the highest).

Step 1

It is necessary to prepare the CSV update scenario. To do this, go to PRODUCTS / Products update and click Add scenario. Go through all consecutive steps, reading instructions, and stop at Step 3.

Here you can determine, which products should be updated by CSV:

  • Updated category,
  • Updated manufacturer.

Hint: In Charset in CSV file field select UTF-8.

Step 2

If you have selected products, go to Updated field. To achieve the desired effect, you need to know, what kind of operation you would like to perform:

1. If you would like to remove product from special offer, mark all three zones:

  • Distinguished/Recommended product,
  • Special offer,
  • Discount.

Notice: If you remove product from special offer, crossed out price will not be restored automatically. However you can set prices, that should be restored. Instructions how to do this can be found below.

2. If you want to add products to new special offers, select one of three available zones from step 1. Every special offer added by CSV is an API promotion.

3. IF you want to change crossed out prices and special offer zones, which product is assigned to, you need to know that:

  • if product is currently in API special offer, this offer will be modified,
  • if product is in standard special offer (added in PRODUCTS / Special offer management), it will be removed from it and added to API promotion.

Go trough all steps of adding scenario. If scenario has been added successfully, go to PRODUCTS / Products update. Look for scenario on the list and click on file in Export column. Download it to your computer and open in appropriate application. We recommend free office suite - Open Office.

Step 3

Open downloaded file, remember about proper charset and separators (you can always reach them in selected scenario edition).

If you want to remove products from special offer:

In columns Distinguished (y/n), On discount (y/n), Promoted (y/n). Choose n for each product. Save changes and perform update.

If you want to remove products from special offer and restore crossed out prices:

Mark additional option of Retail price in Updated field in step 2. When you open CSV file generated after adding scenario, additional column will show up - Retail price. Enter price for selected product - it will be set after special offer ends. Save changes and perform update.

How to recognize a special offer generated through API - for example by means of IAI Bridge - before 1.04.2016? What is the difference between a regular and API-generated special offer?

Since 1.04.2016 we do not recognize setting strikethrough prices through API-SetProducts gateway, e.g. adding a new product to API special offer via IAI Bridge. That is why, below information is important only for those sellers, who introduced last changes in strikethrough prices by API-SetProducts gateway before April 1st.

Previously API-SetProducts gateway was based on setting strikethrough prices for a whole product, regardless of sizes and assigned shops, as well as on creating a special offer and assigning a product.

Since April 1st, prices are set as before, by using an old way of setting strikethrough prices through API-SetProducts gateway, however, the API special offer is not created for a product.

Special offer generated through API has a name and includes only one product.

If a product includes a crossed-out price, such information is returned through API, if in a request to API-SetProducts gateway returnPromotionStatus option in params/settings node was set to y.

Sample special offer name created through IAI Bridge:

API:Special offer for product with ID:12343532'

"API:Special offer for product with ID:" literal is fixed. Only the ID part of the literal can be changed - it is the product ID visible in the browser's address bar, for example when you edit a selected product.

While adding a product to special offer through API, you have less options available in comparison to a regular special offer in the administration panel:

  • name cannot be changed,
  • date range cannot be set,
  • no other products can be added.

A product is included in the special offer set through API as long as a crossed-out price is higher than the sales price.

A product for which a new crossed-out price is set through API within a special offer, and which was previously included in a regular special offer, will be removed from a regular special offer. If a regular special offer does not include any products, it will end.


  • If you update product prices through API (for example IAI Bridge), special offer set up of synchronized products should be performed through an integrated program, not the Special offer management module in the panel. You can also resign from updating product prices included in such offer through API during the special offer.
  • While introducing a new special offer module, previous special offers (those set by manual change of a crossed-out price through product edit) were converted to API special offers. With time please remove products from such special offers and use our new Special offer management module.

How should product group act depending on settings after adding special offers?

1. If grouped products do not have the same prices setting turned on.

Adding single product to special offer does not affect rest of products.

2. If grouped products have the same prices setting turned on.

Adding single product from group to special offer will also add all other products from this group.

3. If grouped products have the same prices setting turned on and are already in special offer.

After removing from group, all products separately will remain in special offer.

4. If grouped products do not have the same prices setting turned on and one of product is in special offer.

a) First product in special offer.

Turning on the same prices for group of products will add all products to special offer.

b) Any, not the first product in special offer.

Turning same prices setting on for a group of products will return all products from special offer set their price as the first product, that is not in special offer.

How can I add products to special offer list?

To add products, click on Add additional products to this special offer. There you can use three options:

1. You do not know the product code - use the search tool. After proper filtering, list of products will show up:

You can add products in two ways:

  • single - click on Add, to add single product to special offer,
  • group - mark checkboxes next to selected products and click on Add selected product to special offer

Hint: Product cannot be assigned to two special offers, that have the same or similar validity period!

Please pay attention to dates! Special offer module does not allow to assign two special offers, that have the same validity period.
You can add products to special offer, but when saving changes, products with date conflict will be removed from list.

You can also check, to which special offers product is assigned - such information can be found i Special offers column. There are three special offer statuses:

  • Awaiting,
  • Current,
  • Finished.

2. Find by name - after entering sought name and clicking Search search tool will return found products, that meet the specified criteria. Adding products can be performed in the same manner as described above.

3. Enter product code - after entering product code, you will be automatically redirected to it. If product with entered code exists, its ID and name will be displayed. Then you can click on Add product.

Hint: By which codes the search tool finds products?

Codes types, that will be taken under consideration by automatic search tool, can be defined in ADMINISTRATION / Shop panel configuration in Products search settings section. If search tool should look by ID, mark IAI Code.

Can I manually set products displayed in one of zones available in store?

Yes, you can manually add products to special zones in store (Special offer, Recommended/Distinguished products, Special products) without adding them to special offer. In this situation product will be displayed as special without displaying crossed out price.