E-mail/SMS newsletter in a form perfect for on-line store

Newsletter does not have to be an ordinary message sent to all customers with one click. The IdoSell.com allows to individualize messages content and adjust it to specified criteria. As a grand finale - they can be all sent in the same campaign.

A good newsletter needs to be designed so its recipient could not only read and delete it, but really take interest in its content. To do this, information delivered this way should be adjusted to its receiver. Tools available in the IdoSell.com allows to send newsletter campaigns with different contents for groups of recipients, which gives you many unique possibilities of composing the newsletter.

  • Advanced recipients filters allow to manage groups of addresses. You can send your mails to indicated groups and design different layout or content for every each of them.
    • Message resending if your planned sending was aborted - just send it again, whenever you want.
    • Sending organized into campaigns - create messages dedicated for different groups of recipients (e.g. women or men). Campaign mechanism guarantees, that one recipient receives only one message.

Notice: Campaign mechanism is currently not available for SMS.