Special Offers – an easy way to increase a shopping cart value in online stores

Buy 3 t-shirts and you will get the cheapest one for free! - it's the example of Special Offers, which are extremely popular in brick-and-mortar stores. In IdoSell Shop they can be offered to online store customers, constituting a bridge in multichannel sales.

Do you recognize a slogan from the banner above? Sure you do. It's the example of a Special Offer, where meeting some requirement enables customers to purchase a product at a lower price. This form of sales is uncomplicated and widely used, and the best thing is that it is extremely efficient. That is why IdoSell Shop offers a tool supporting sales in a Special Offers form.

How do Special Offers work?

To put it in the easiest way – Special Offers module is a tool for preparing discount actions, where you can set scenarios where a customer is to get a discount. To portray it even better, let's have a look at a few ready Special Offer scenarios:

  • buy at least 2 products from BiK and products from Home accessories categories will be 50 % cheaper
  • buy Lee trousers and Lee jackets and you will get a Lee cap for free
  • while purchasing a Bike, you will get a 20 % discount for the cheapest products from the Lighting category
  • after adding to cart any product of producer X, a customer gets a 50 % discount for any product from Y category

By translating the last scenario to a ready-to-use slogan from a Toplayer linked to a subpage presenting Apple computers, we get:

Buy any Mac computer and get Magic Mouse2 with a 50 % discount!

The above cross-selling example is just one of the uses, but even this kind of sales can make miracles. If you want to see for yourself, have a look at Special Offers FAQ below:

I want to turn my first Special Offer on