How to install the .NET Framework required by IdoSel Printer?

Which version of .NET Framework is required by IdoSell Printer?

For IdoSell Printer version and lower to work properly, all you need is .NET Framework 3.5, and from version onwards, you will need .NET Framework 4.6.

Widnows 10

If you are using the latest Windows 10 operating system, you have already installed .NET Framework 4.6. In such cases you can simply download and install IdoSell Printer.

Other Windows versions

Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 include .NET Framework 3.0, and on Windows 7 and in Windows Server 2008 R2 by default is installed .NET Framework 3.5. On the other hand, Windows 8 has .NET Framework 4.5. If the installer does not detect the required version of .NET Framework in your system, IdoSell Printer will ask you to download and install it during the installation.

You can also use the links provided below:

Where can I download .NET Framework?

Below you can find official links to Microsoft websites from which you can download a suitable version. .NET Framework is free.

.NET Framework 3.5

.NET Framework 4.6