How to create and manage loyalty cards in the store?

Loyalty cards are very attractive form of promotion. If you have ever seen the the loyalty card (i.e. in shop chains, gas stations etc.), you already know the principle of operation of such mechanism. Only in the you receive such high level of integration of loyalty card program with your on-line store.

Loyalty cards allow for - among others - assign customer to a discount group, so he could feel the results of receiving the loyalty card when he buys something. In addition, the card data (login and pin) allow to sign in to the store. Your customers do not have to create and remember their login data - do it for them and let them use loyalty card of your shop as a pass to the shopping world!

After entering the correct card number, you will see the customer ID, for whom the card has been issued. Please, remember, that loyalty card can be configured only for the registered customer.

How to correctly add, activate or deactivate loyalty card?

To assign card to a customer, you need to create a discount group. In this way, the appropriate discount will be created so it could be later assigned to loyalty card type (gold, silver, bronze or whatever name you will think of). To define card, go to MARKETING / Loyalty cards and click on Defining the types of loyalty cards. Here you can add appropriate card type, so it could be assigned to selected customers.

After defining desired number of cards types, go to customer edition and assign him one of card type. Adding the card, select its expiry date and type (from the list of earlier-defined). Such assigned card adds him discount and allows to sign in by its number and PIN.

You can add, activate or deactivate loyalty card from two places:

1. Customer edition card:

Go to customer card and look for Rewards and penalties section, Loyalty card option. In addition you can print these cards or send them to your customers.

2. Customer list in Customer analysis (CRM):

Go to CUSTOMERS / Customer analysis (CRM) and select the Analyze all customers option. All filtering criteria will be displayed. Make sure, that Loyalty cards column is marked in Show on list section. You can also determine, which customers should be taken under consideration, by marking appropriate option in With loyalty card section. After setting all search criteria, click on Search button. A list of customers will be displayed. You can find there Loyalty cards column. Loyalty cards can be added:

  • manually - by clicking on linked number in Loyalty cards column,
  • group - selected chosen customers, using checkboxes in the first column and clicking Add loyalty card. Only adding cards can be performed in groups - they cannot be activated or deactivated. This operation needs to be performed manually.

Information: You can print such a card and - for example - add it to customer oder. Just use the earlier-prepared template or add your own in MODERATION / Printed documents.