Gift cards and vouchers in online stores

Gift cards or vouchers are one of the most frequently chosen and usually highly appreciated gifts. This universal gift constitutes a means of payment and is a perfect bridge between an online and traditional store.

How to use gift cards and vouchers efficiently?

  • Gift cards in traditional stores

It is probably the most frequently seen use of gift cards. They can be often purchased in points of sale of almost every chain store. By using gift cards in traditional stores, you incorporate an online store into the omnichannel strategy, since gift cards can be also used online. Soon it will be available in traditional stores thanks to IdoSell POS support for gift cards. IAI POS will enable entering new cards into the shop system e.g. through scanning card number after customer's purchase.

  • Gift cards in online stores

To start selling gift cards, you simply have to create a product e.g. 200,- gift card and prepare an eye-catching card design in PDF, so that a customer can receive it right after making a purchase. You can also prepare plastic cards with your logo and send them to customers with information that the card balance can be topped up after use.

  • Gift cards as a form of refund

Previously, all refunds could be returned to a specific customer balance. Thanks to gift cards you can give cash to a bearer, what makes them even more universal. You make a refund to customer's card, and then such card can be given to someone else e.g., wife or daughter.

The difference between gift cards and vouchers

Every online store has a different sales strategy. Supporting over 3500 online retail and wholesale stores, we offer 2 quite similar modules, so that everyone can find a solution tailored to their needs. Yet, it is worth to know their differences:

Gift card

has a permanent character – it can be used many times and can be topped up after the use
the exact amount of purchase is collected from a card – remaining balance can be used for future shopping
is protected with PIN – card number can be seen by other people in a traditional store. Thus, gift cards are protected with PIN – unauthorized people will not be able to make a purchase in an online store, even if they know a card number
has a mechanism of blocking cards – after trying to enter a wrong PIN three times, the card will be blocked


has a one-time character
vouchers can be used as a whole – remaining amount cannot be used in the future. It can stimulate customers to increase the basket value
vouchers are marked as used – after using a voucher, it can't be used for the second time

If you want to use gift cards or vouchers in your store, have a look at:

Offer gift cards in your store

For developers

If you take care of a store interested in offering gift cards or vouchers, you can use two API endpoints: API-GiftCards and API-Vouchers for gift cards and vouchers management.