Individual customers' discounts

Rewarding your customers for their loyalty is an essential element to maintain positive relations that will keep the customers coming back.

Reward the most active fans and customers with special discount codes.
Define optional discounts for your customers. Thanks to the advanced tool available in you can fit discounts' settings to each of your customers.

Individual discounts and their functions:

  • Simple discount - the simplest form of the discount you can assign to a customer. It is a percentage deducted from the price for all items ordered,

  • Advanced discount - already known from discount codes allowing the use of the below parameters:czas
    • Setting time frames for the discount.
    • Setting the discount time frames for the limited number of days from the moment it has been assigned.
    • How many times one discount can be used (one-time use or multiple use).
    • Discount to be summed up with other discounts, i.e. price * (other discounts + individual discount).
    • Discount to be summed up with other discounts but calculated according to the sequence, i.e. price * other discounts * individual discount
    • Setting if the discount is to be used only if greater than the sum of other discounts.
    • Setting the minimal amount for the discount to be applied. The amount refers to all the products in a cart before the discount.
    • Setting if the discount should also be applied with: new items, bestsellers, special offers, sales, enhanced, special product.%
    • Selection of the products for which the discount can be used - it may be one product, some of them or all.
    • The amount of the discount can be set independently for chosen manufacturers, series, categories and products themselves.
    • Additional discount for the products that have not been included in the earlier configuration of the discounts.
    • Discount on shipping cost.
    • "Percentage discount" refers to a reduction of the price according to the value of the discount.
    • The amount of discount is calculated as a percent of the total value of the products in the cart.
    • A fixed discount is applied when a purchase of certain products reaches a specified price value.
    • Varied ways of the discount calculation: from customer's price, suggested retail price, crossed out price including currencies and net/gross value,

  • Discount based on a discount group - one configuration that has been set can be assigned to many customers.

NOTICE: When the customers who are entitled to the advanced discount use a discount code they lose individual discounts.