Easy management of strikethrough prices

Manage strikethrough prices easily and effortlessly thanks to the IdoSell administration panel and dedicated developer tools – do it quickly and without the need of creating advanced special offer campaigns.

Strikethrough prices are a well-known and often-used marketing tool which creates the impression of a good deal in a customer's mind. Thanks to IdoSell you can manage strikethrough prices via the special offers module, manually on a product card in the administration panel or via API by integration with an external WMS.

Thanks to easy product price management you can:

  • set strikethrough prices for every size independently or one strikethrough price for all product sizes
  • set different strikethrough prices in every shop in your administration panel
  • define strikethrough prices for selected customer types (wholesalers, retailers)

special offers, discounts - special offers, discounts

Strikethrough prices, the same as retail, wholesale and suggested prices, can be shared between the shops on the whole offer level or just on a one product level. You can manage strikethrough prices via:

  • editing product card in the administration panel
  • dedicated API-ProductMarketing gate (coming soon)

strikethrough prices_panel - strikethrough prices_panel

Product strikethrough price is presented in your shop's layout in many places, i.a. product card, product list (after search or on a product list from a menu category) and in marketing areas. It may happen that a strikethrough price is a result of a special offer, but at the same time the same product has a different strikethrough price provided manually on a product card. In such case the higher one will be displayed.