How to process not handled orders in the

SALES / Orders not handled function works on basis of searching for orders with not handled status. Description below also concerns all orders lists created by search tool - like the one created by SALES / Search for orders.

From our experience we know, that orders with not handled status will be sought most often, so it was distincted to separate tab in panel.

Remember that:

List of not handled orders contains only orders from stores, to which indicated users has rights assigned. This information can be found in indicated account configuration in ADMINISTRATION / Panel users management.

List of not handled orders differs from standard orders list, that it has additional column for notes.

There are a lot of additional and important information next to every order. Orders descriptions were carefully selected, so they could provide user with useful and comprehensive information about every order. All you to do is just looking at this list to know on what completion stage particular order is. There is no need for opening every order separately. Information on orders are grouped into 4 columns. Clicking on headers of these columns sorts orders on the list. First click sorts them descending and another - ascending.

The first columns contains checkboxes, so you can mark or unmark orders on the list. This is useful, when you want to send e-mail or SMS.

The second column contains order identification data - shop name, order ID and placing date.

The third column informs about order status, its value and amount of payments made. Also an icon representing selected delivery method can be found there.

The last column holds customer address data.

Notice: If data are in yellow border, it means that this particular customer is on store black list, which is used to inform about uncertain or unwanted buyer.

In the last column the system shows additional notes to order and its processing - printouts, confirmations, changes in payments and from which stock products will be deducted.

Bottom of this page holds statistics summarizing not handled orders - it will surely allow you to estimate order value.