A convenient way of settling your additional charges

IAI has an internal settlement system meant for its clients. Our system is fully automated and very easy to use. You always know how much you pay and what you pay for. To put it simply, you have a full control of your payments.

Extra charges are added if you order a service that is not included in the standard version, or you have exceeded the subscription plan limits. Unlike the subscription fees, which are charged in advance, the costs for additional services will charge your account only after your approval (it does not apply to subscription surcharges which are calculated on a regular basis).

Charges for additional works are added to your register in our settlement system. They will automatically charge your account after you accept the costs of the assigned task. You can check the additional charges by means of the IAI's Ticketing System - a special communication system designed for IAI clients.

The cost of a task is calculated proportionally to the labour time necessary to complete an ordered work. While ordering additional work, you can specify your guidelines and requirements. In response to your order, you will receive a confirmation stating that the ordered work can be done and the cost of the task. If you accept the cost of a given task, we will automatically charge your account (the sum will be deducted from your balance).