In IdoSell Shop, on a daily basis, we handle hundreds of thousands of on-line orders generated by thousands of our clients. Everything that we describe in this section really influences the Polish and the Global e-market.

Product blog - IdoSell Shop online stores

31 October

Changes to the IdoSell Shop Terms & Conditions effective from 1 December 2017

Along with the current policy of introducing changes to existing documents, we present the latest IdoSell Shop Terms & Conditions which will take effect from 1 December 2017.

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6 September

Improvements in the packing and order verification module: automatic transition to the next order, presentation of store support notes and better control of people responsible for packing

In the "SALES / Order packing and verification" module we have introduced the facility allowing to determine when after the verification automatic transition to the next order should occur. We have also changed logging of information in order history using the "Verified" and "Mark the order as verified" buttons for more accurate ones. In the panel and on the printouts you can now also show a note from a store support, not just a note from a customer.

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31 August

Updated IdoSell Shop Terms & Conditions and Price list, effective from 1 October 2017.

Along with the current policy of introducing changes to existing documents, we present the latest IdoSell Shop Price List and Terms & Conditions. The new rules will apply from 1 October 2017.

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16 August

Use Web Push notifications to display important information in customer's browser, as a supplement or alternative to emails.

Display Web Push Notification in your customer's browser which, regardless of emails you send, inform about the progress of handling the order, promotions, discounts, or product re-availability. Web Push notifications can also be sent to those who have not signed up or made purchases at your store, but have agreed to receive notifications in the browser.

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2 August

Ship packages to overseas customers through a new, built-in integration with FedEx International

Extend your integration with FedEx courier with international shipping with FedEx International.

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18 July

We are unveiling a new version of the Administration Panel API documentation. Have a look at what has changed recently.

The Administration Panel API documentation has undergone extensive visual changes, and now enables switching between API versions and comparing changes between versions globally, for the entire API, and granularly for each endpoint / method. New endpoints were introduced - DiscountGroups, which allows for discount group management, GiftCards and Vouchers, for managing gift cards and vouchers. Existing endpoints received new methods, as well as functionality updates to existing ones - Products, GetProducts, SetProducts, RMA, Orders, GetOrders and Payments. Some of the new functionality includes the ability to process cash back refunds to customers with external payment systems that support cash backs.

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10 July

Create your own plugin with the ability to configure it via shop, thanks to adding your own configuration fields

Our Open SaaS ™ strategy allows you to create secure plugins resistant to changes, which are based on web integration. Previous mechanisms had one important limitation. Plugin had to be installed as a whole, so if you needed to introduce changes in the configuration, e.g. to enter a customer number, it was necessary to modify the code. Such a plugin was no longer super-easy to install and it was possible to spoil integration. In order to meet the needs of developers and our customers, we have created a new version of the plugin mechanism that allows you to define configuration fields. This way, the plugin code does not need to be changed to, for example, enter customer ID, key or any other parameters. The new feature is available for CPA programs, webhooks, and HTML / JavaScript snipptes on store pages. The new mechanism gives developers the ability to enter any of their own configuration fields at the campaign level.

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29 June

Changes to the IdoSell Shop Price List and Terms & Conditions effective from 1 August 2017

Along with the current policy of introducing changes to existing documents, we present the latest IdoSell Shop Price List and Terms & Conditions. The new Price List and Terms & Conditions will apply from 1 August 2017.

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21 June

We allow you to issue invoices with separate buyer and payer data. This solution will be perfect for orders submitted by budget units.

In case of orders placed in your online store by budget units, for example schools or kindergartens very often the payer is e. g. municipality - this means that the buyer and payer data are different. From now on, you can easily issue an invoice for such an order directly in the IdoSell Shop administration panel.

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14 June

We have added the ability to print a list of products packed in the WMS limited to selected zones, and we have made it possible to split the product list into baskets for all packing options.

If you have separate storage areas in your warehouses, you can optimize the packaging process with a packing list, which can be printed and restricted to the specified storage areas. In addition, we have introduced the ability to split the list of products to be packed into baskets, which will facilitate the collection of products to order from a specific storage location and reduce the number of orders packed to the number of configured baskets.

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