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In IdoSell Shop, on a daily basis, we handle hundreds of thousands of on-line orders generated by thousands of our clients. Everything that we describe in this section really influences the Polish and the Global e-market.

Product blog - IdoSell Shop online stores

We are removing support for bookmarklets

Over the years the interest in Bookmarklets by developers and users has fallen to a marginal level as such we resign from supporting this functionality. This decision is mainly motivated by the impact on positioning ([/en/shop/seo/online-store-positioning-long-tail-seo-sem/ SEO]). Because loading additional scripts lowers Google Page Speed Index, functionality will be completely removed from the panel to improve search engine performance. Standard masks have not supported this functionality for some time, so the change is transparent for the vast majority of shops. The changes will be introduced within a week, customers who want to continue using them will be able to add them through HTML/JS scripts in the moderation module.

If you run stores under different domains for different countries or regions of the world, we'll make it easier for you to direct international customers to the right store.

If you run stores that present the customer's offer in different ways based on their country of origin (e.g. to Germany and to the rest of the world), with the new language redirection module you can easily and conveniently indicate which of your stores is the best choice for client. You can decide for yourself based on the language and country of origin of the incoming buyer.

We have the status of Facebook Marketing Partner!

We are pleased to announce that we have received an ennobling distinction in the form of a Facebook Marketing Partner certificate in the' Commerce 'category. This status is given to companies that provide e-commerce services that provide both advanced tools and industry-specific measures that help increase sales when using Facebook products.

We have rebuilt printer management for printing from the store panel, IAI POS and IAI Scanner. From now you can only configure printers in the IdoSell Shop Printer.

We have completely rethought the organization of printers for printing from the store panel and supporting applications such as IAI POS and IAI Scanner. We have centralized the management of fiscal printers and documents in the IdoSell Shop Printer application, which will automatically save all the configuration of all printers in the panel of your store. You won't have to configure printer settings anymore in the store panel or in the IAI POS and IAI Scanner applications, except for choosing which printer you want to use.

Thanks to the new POS, you can accept returns from online store orders at point of sales

By providing the IdoSell Shop with a full range of omnichannel capabilities, we have expanded the capabilities of the IdoSell POS application. After the introduction of the option of returning an order from an online store at the point of sale in the previous version, in the new version numbered 5.4.26 we are introducing another omnichannel scenario, which also allows for the realization of returns created earlier by the online store service, or directly by the customers themselves logging in on its website . The new version is also a simplified interface of the main program window and its individual modules and a package of additional improvements

Secure store forms thanks to Google reCAPTCHA v3

At IdoSell, the safety of your store is a priority, which is why we constantly monitor the state of security and, if necessary, implement the latest tools to improve it. This time we focused on analyzing the forms in which your client provides an email address. Reacting to the increased risk of attack on forms in your store, we decided to secure them using Google's reCAPTCHA v3 tool and enable it in your store by default.

As announced earlier on September 2, we are withdrawing the ability to generate ODT documents

According to earlier entry on our blog, and even extending the originally planned date, we are withdrawing the old function of generating our own printouts, in the format and according to document templates in the ODT format. Over the past years, we've been working on introducing a new way to generate printouts, consistent with other modules, using PDF generation and based on templates defined in HTML and CSS. As a reminder, we first blocked the option of adding new ODT templates to the panel, and then gave several months to switch to generating PDF files. At the request of some of the clients, we have moved the removal of the ODT document generation option, but the time has now come when we definitely need to get rid of this option, because it blocks us from further development possibilities of this module. September 2, 2019 is the day on which we want to end the use of ODT files for PDF files.