In IdoSell Shop, on a daily basis, we handle hundreds of thousands of on-line orders generated by thousands of our clients. Everything that we describe in this section really influences the Polish and the Global e-market.

Product blog - IdoSell Shop online stores

30 September

IdoSell Shop Price List update - effective from November 1, 2019.

While retaining update conditions included in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions, we present changes in the IdoSell Shop Price List one month in advance. The new rules will apply from November 1, 2019.

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30 August

The new version of IdoSell Scanner from now on is also available for Apple iOS 10+

We present the new generation of the Scanner application prepared for the iOS system. Get familiar with its possibilities today by installing IdoSell Scanner on your phone or tablet.

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19 August

Secure store forms thanks to Google reCAPTCHA v3

At IdoSell, the safety of your store is a priority, which is why we constantly monitor the state of security and, if necessary, implement the latest tools to improve it. This time we focused on analyzing the forms in which your client provides an email address. Reacting to the increased risk of attack on forms in your store, we decided to secure them using Google's reCAPTCHA v3 tool and enable it in your store by default.

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1 August

From August 5, 2019, contact with our Support Department will only be possible via a web browser

For several weeks, we have been informing you about the migration of subsequent Support departments to the helpline that supports connections via a web browser. We are ready to switch the entire Support Department to this new, revolutionary form of contact.

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30 June

IdoSell Shop Price List and Terms and Conditions update - effective from August 1, 2019.

While retaining update conditions included in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions, we present changes in the IdoSell Shop Price List and Terms and Conditions one month in advance. The new rules will apply from August 1, 2019.

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28 June

We have added the option of easy ordering cash backs for those using the pay system

We have added the option of quick withdrawal of funds for returned products in integration with the Tpay payment system. Instead of ordering cash backs in the Tpay panel, you will initiate the entire operation in the IdoSell Shop panel, and the rest will be done automatically.

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1 June

We will optimize product photos and icons better in terms of their quality and weight

Soon all uploaded product photos and icons will be more optimal by weight while maintaining a higher quality. All thanks to the change of the algorithm that is used to process photos in IdoSell Shop stores. Picture processing will be done by a dedicated, advanced system that we have built in order to introduce the best possible technologies and constantly update them for new image processing capabilities.

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15 May

We have changed the assignment of customer accounts in marketplaces, so that they are separate for each marketplace and added only to the store realizing the order

So far, during the creation of the customer account in the marketplace, we did not distinguish the sources of the order and all purchases were assigned to one account assigned to purchases coming from the marketplace. From now on we will create separate customer accounts depending on the marketplace, to which they will be added subsequent orders from the same source. In addition, newly created accounts will be assigned only to the store performing the order.

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2 May

The open beta testing of the long-awaited version of IdoSell Scanner for Android has been launched

It is official. Beta testing new version of IdoSell Scanner for data collectors and mobile devices supported by Android 5.0+ operating system has been launched. Take part in them today and share your opinion with us.

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30 April

A revolution in technical support. We are moving towards audio and video conversations with our support department directly from the web browser

In the CSC panel you will find a new "Support" module, which is the successor to our ticket system and telephone helpline. "Support" introduces audio, video and text communication from the browser level as part of one, intuitive tool for gaining support for IdoSell Shop and IdoSell Booking clients. Thanks to this, contact with our support department becomes as friendly and functional as never before.

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