Renewing listings from the IdoSell online store

Thousands of active auctions with minimal effort - the IdoSell system will do everything for you and take care of automatic auction renewal.

You do not have to worry about renewing listings every time they end.

Full stock quantities coherency brings down your work to determining a preferred method of renewing listings in the settings profile. Available options are:

  • Renewing based on reservations

You can reserve an adequate number of products and the system - in case an auction ends - will resume them automatically until they are out of stock.

  • Renewing based on stock quantity for listing

If you have an adequate number of products to sell on marketplaces, you can set the system to renew the listings automatically until they are out of stock (and the rest will be still available to sell through other channels).

  • Renewing with maximum available stock quantity for listings

Your shop will list a product with maximum available stock quantity for listings from an indicated warehouse or from all warehouses with marketplace sales enabled. The option is dedicated to shops which treat marketplace sales as a priority among other sales channels.

  • Renewing with fixed quantity

If you always want to list auction with a fixed number of products - no matter whether you have products in stock or not - you can set renewing with fixed quantity. Products can be delivered to you later, after an order has been placed.

  • Manual management of listings to renew

You can manually manage listing renewal with a special list what allows you to comfortably manage your listings.

For every single one of this methods you can determine after what time and how many times a listing should be renewed. These settings should be set once in ((auctions_details_listing_presets|auction settings profile), what saves the time needed for managing listings.