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We have expanded the "Import, update and restore from copy" module. We have added a continuous synchronization mode from a remote location

Get the ability to sync your products from virtually anywhere in the world and from any device with internet access, without the need for Downloader.

What do I get?

Until now, when you wanted to sync a product listing, you had to have an active subscription and a separately configured supporting application Downloader. This automatically entailed having a device supported by the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Now you can set the configuration of your offer directly in your IdoSell panel and automatically synchronize it from anywhere in the world. You can perform this operation from any device (e.g. your smartphone) that has access to the Internet.

You will only need the Internet to log in to the IdoSell panel. All the rest of the offer synchronization process will be done in the IdoSell cloud. You will be notified about the start and completion of the process via relevant emails.

The mode "Synchronize products continuously from a remote location" (mode=continuous), as it is just referred to, is a new extension provided within the intuitive "Import, update and restore from copy" mechanism.

About supported data formats

The data source for the new mode is a remote URL that points to an XML and CSV file (gateway, full, light). For now, the tool is running in BETA mode and supports XML files whose structure is prepared in our recommended IOF 3.0 standard and CSV files prepared according to our guidelines.

Is the "Import, Update and Restore from Copy" module for me?

This functionality is an alternative to the application Downloader that requires installation and configuration on the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is primarily aimed at advanced users, developers and partners.

If you are a beginner, we recommend using professional services of our specialists, which will guarantee that the whole process will run smoothly and that the final result will meet your expectations.

Instruction for standalone web-based product import, update and synchronization

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