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New brand now available at IdoSell. Get to know ORLEN Parcel

ORLEN Paczka, a new brand in IdoSell, is now available for sellers and buyers. Fast delivery in 1-2 business days, parcel machines and attractive prices - ORLEN Parcel means many benefits for you and your customers.

ORLEN Paczka is a fast and convenient parcel delivery and collection service for online shops. It also includes new courier routes, new sorting centres and cross-docks.

A new feature is a network of parcel machines. Currently, the network includes: over 1100 ORLEN stations, over 1000 RUCH kiosks, over 200 parcel machines and almost 4000 partner points.
By the end of this year, 500 parcel machines will have been incorporated into the network!

What will you gain with ORLEN Parcel?

  • Delivery in 1-2 business days
  • More than 6,000 collection points, including ORLEN Parcel Machines open 24/7, ORLEN stations, RUCH kiosks and partner outlets.
  • Attractive price of the service.
  • Returns handling.
  • Mobile application for recipients.
  • Three days to collect a parcel + a possibility of extension in the application.

How does the parcel delivery process look like?

  • A parcel is sent by an online shop at a point or it is picked up by a courier
  • A parcel is sent to a logistics centre and then to a collection point.
  • The parcel waits three days for collection and then returns to the seller

Parcels sent to an ORLEN station or to ORLEN Parcel Machines have the following dimensions: S (up to 25 kg, 8x38x60 cm), M (up to 25 kg, 19x38x60 cm), L (up to 25 kg, 41x38x60 cm).

Parcels sent to RUCH kiosk will remain in the same form as before - mini (up to 5 kg, 20x20x30 cm) and standard (over 5 kg, 20x30x50 cm).

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