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Manage invoices in your online store. Turn paper invoices into electronic ones

With the latest changes to the panel, you can more easily manage invoices in your webshop. Choose whether your customers at the checkout stage will receive an electronic invoice, a printed invoice or whether they can decide for themselves. The change is a response to our retailers' needs. Among other things, it makes it easy to switch off paper invoices in the shop, which saves time and money. Check what possibilities you have to set up your sales documents in IdoSell

Zarządzaj fakturami w swoim sklepie

Previously, the IdoSell settings only allowed you to decide whether to include an electronic invoice among the default sales documents (i.e. a printed invoice and a purchase confirmation). It was not possible to simply exclude a printed invoice from this list, and if you wanted to remove it, you had to individually modify your shop mask.

The new settings for sales documents and electronic dispatch (EDI) solve this problem. They allow you to choose the right mode of issuing sales documents in your IdoSell online shop. Now you can decide what kind of invoice your customers will receive and whether you will leave them the choice.

Choose the type of documents that will appear in the checkout

Thanks to the changes in the panel, you can easily manage sales documents in your shop. You can choose one of three options that you will offer to your customers at the checkout stage:

  • printed and electronic documents - choose this option if you want (as before) your customers to be able to choose between printed and electronic invoices. In this case, during the checkout process, your customers will have a choice between three options:
    • Confirmation of purchase,
    • Electronic invoice,
    • Printed invoice.
  • Printed documents - choose this mode if you want to document your sales in the standard way, i.e. print and attach paper VAT invoices to your customers' shipments. In this case, during the checkout process, your customers will have one of two options to choose from:
    • Confirmation of purchase,
    • Printed invoice.
  • Electronic documents - choose e-documents if you want to completely eliminate the need to print paper invoices, reduce the operating costs of your online shop, and contribute to environmental protection at the same time. In this case, in the checkout, customers will select:
    • Confirmation of purchase,
    • Electronic invoice.

Our recommended mode is the electronic document mode, which in WMS IdoSell can be generated automatically and sent to your customers immediately after their issue without the need to integrate the IdoSell panel with additional external software. Sending invoices electronically also has a positive impact on environmental protection - that's why it's worth delivering them to your customers this way.

Learn how to send invoices by email straight from your shop

The changes made have been incorporated into the latest masks masks STANDARD.

Where can I find the settings for sales documents and electronic dispatch (EDI)?

You can find the link to Settings for Sales Documents and Electronic Dispatch (EDI) in the Administration menu in the IdoSell admin panel.

Administration / Sales document settings and electronic dispatch (EDI)

I've chosen e-invoice, but what about external services (e.g. marketplaces, Allegro) that don't allow communication with the client via the online shop?

In the case of handling orders from external services (e.g. marketplaces, Allegro), IdoSell does not break the regulations of those services and offers you the possibility of using an unbranded e-mail message template, which:

  • is sent from the address, which has been added by Allegro to the so-called whitelist
  • contains clear information about:
    • entity issuing the document,
    • name of the external service,
    • order number,
    • list of purchased goods.
  • contains a link to an unbranded website where the client can download the issued sales document

But this is not the end

Our next step will be:

  • sorting out the default data form for sales documents,
  • arranging data for sales documents issued by additional company in one panel service,
  • ordering transaction messages regarding sales document templates,
  • Improved handling of correction invoices in returns and added protection against double issuance,
  • Improved handling of the automatic generation of invoices and added protection against issuing them if the document was added to the order via API.

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