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CHANGELOG IdoSell (23.10.2023 - 27.10.2023)

As part of the IdoSell changelog, we periodically report on news, updates and changes to the IdoSell software. Invariably, we publish project news and information about the release of new functionalities within separate entries. The following changelog release presents the scope of changes 23.10.2023 - 27.10.2023.


  • We have standardized the data that is returned in the ODS export file, relative to the results of the analysis of sales of goods.

Discount codes

  • We have made improvements to discount codes and eliminated the situation where a discount code did not activate if it covered selected brands and series at the same time.


  • We have improved the actions of the variable that indicates the location of goods on warehouse documents [iai:product_stock_location_code_main].


  • We have eliminated problems when transferring product information to The problems occurred after IP address changes at
  • We have improved the mechanism for combining orders and calculating deposits for orders from Ebay.

Price comparison sites

  • We have added the ability to indicate your own sample merchandise IDs. This is needed when checking the performance of your own vendor driver.

Regulations - cookie consent

  • We have improved the design of the buttons in the new cookie consent.
  • We have added a new horizontal mode for displaying cookie consent.
  • We have added the ability to hide the “I confirm required” button (formerly “I reject all”).
  • We have added a “Manage cookies” link in the latest revision of the STANDARD template. It allows users to call up the cookie consent window again and allows them to change their preferences at any time.
  • We have added a cookie consent preview, which works similarly to the store template preview.
  • We announced the withdrawal of the “active - simple” cookie consent display mode.
  • We have improved the loading of HTML/JavaScript add-ons after accepting the consent (“active - advanced” mode) for cookies, thus eliminating the problem of losing the source of the first page entry. This was happening with, for example, analytics services that were configured by the add-on.
  • We have changed the mode of active consent to cookies, which will not display if a Google robot visits the site.

Recommendation Zone

  • We have improved the recommendations of unavailable goods. For new stores, when the method retrieving recommendations returns nothing, the most viewed products will be displayed.


  • We have accelerated the loading of configurators with products that are on promotion.

Transaction messages

  • We have eliminated the sending of a VAT invoice message when an order status is unsuccessfully changed to shipped.

The above changes will be available in all IdoSell panels within 2 weeks of the publication of this post.

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