£0 / 0€ installation fee with the fixed term Contract for at least 2 years

Are you planning to open an online store, but you want to reduce initial costs? We have a solution - a fixed term Contract, thanks to which you do not have to pay the €69 activation fee and your store will be activated immediately.

An open-ended or a fixed term Contract for at least 2 years?

IdoSell Shop customers can choose whether to sign an open-ended, or a fixed term Contract. If you want to learn more, read the Contract:

plik IdoSell Shop Contract

The benefits of a fixed term Contract

If you sign the fixed term Contract for at least two years, you are not charged with the £149 / 169€ activation fee.

Initial fee thus includes:

While starting your adventure with IdoSell Shop you do not have to worry about fees - your balance is quickly credited and you can concentrate on conducting sales.

You decide on what to spend the funds available on your balance for - for example, you can use it for graphics, marketing or simply the upcoming subscription fees.

By using the free STANDARD templates, you can open your online store almost immediately. Of course during the entire period of our cooperation you can make changes in the layout of your store, treating it as a living organism adapting to current trends and customers' needs.

The basic subscription plan - CLOUD, involves a monthly fee of only €69. The CLOUD plan is usually the best choice for stores that have just started setting up their online presence. Remember that subscription plans are scalable based on your needs - you can always migrate to dedicated subscription plans if necessary.

You get a full range of IdoSell Shop features and the best technical support is at your disposal.

To sum up, you get maximum benefits at the lowest cost.