software - an excellent solution for on-line pharmacies

With special facilities and cooperation with software of the Kamsoft company, it is easy to achieve competitive advantage. The list below shows just some of the thousands of functions supporting the features that allow to operate e-pharmacy site.

How does the software support the operation of e-pharmacy website?

Support for sales of products on order (Just-in-Time model): handles external stocks and Just-in-Time deliveries

  • No need to have all of the offered products in the store,
  • Convenient presentation of products to order from suppliers,
  • Support for embedded external stock in shop inventory management.

Advanced inventory management and configurable product availability in store presentation: software for running on-line store has a built-in, fully functional stock management module

  • Setting delivery times for products from owned stocks and for those to bring in from suppliers,
  • A graphical, numerical and verbal presentation of the available number of products,
  • Presentation of estimated time of delivery,
  • Support for personal collection (for traditional pharmacies).

Ability to automatically export offer to price comparers, shopping malls and auction sites: Easy export to the best price comparers

Professional, attractive and eye-catching graphic design: Attractive layout of the shop

Loyalty program, newsletter, customer management: software has a built-in CRM module

  • Advanced system of promotions, discounts and vouchers,
  • Advanced loyalty program,
  • Customizable, attractive newsletter,
  • Support for retail customers, wholesale, customer groups,
  • Analysis of customers purchases.

The possibility of conducting wholesale and easy integration with resellers: Easy cooperation with resellers and offer sharing tools

If you want to know more about the functionalities, read the List of functions section.