Integration with FedEx Poland and FedEx International at IdoSell Shop

At IdoSell Shop we offer you the ability to integrate with FedEx national and international services. This enables you to handle both domestic and international delivery of goods to your customers.

FedEx is a technology partner of IdoSell Shop, and the solutions have been certified by both Polish and foreign FedEx affiliates. It guarantees the quality of the integration offered, and the solutions delivered will always be in line with the partner's planned changes to ensure the smooth implementation for you.

Benefits of integration

The integration of IdoSell Shop and FedEx is fully automated, based on courier's WebAPI. This makes it possible to:

Generating shipment documents in PDF format:
COD labels (FedEx Express Poland only)
Shipment lists (FedEx Express Poland only)
mail sent register (FedEx Express Poland only)

Generating shipment documents for thermal printers:
EPL (FedEx Express Poland only)
ZPL200 (FedEx Express Poland only)
ZPL300 (FedEx Express Poland only)

Launching the integration is very easy

If you have a signed contract with FedEx Express Poland /FedEx International and you have access data, you only need to enter them in the login data in the FedEx courier settings in the administration panel. Then, what you need to do in the administration panel of your online store is simply to click "Generate packages and prints for a courier" on the order card, or use order bulk edit.

You do not have to generate and then upload CSV files and manually enter the parcel numbers into the IdoSell shop administration panel. Integration ensures full and stable communication with FedEx International courier services.

Services available within FedEx Express Poland

  • FedEx Poland Envelope
  • FedEx Poland Parcel
  • FedEx Poland Palette

Services available within FedEx International

  • FedEx Europe First
  • FedEx International Economy
  • FedEx International Economy Freight
  • FedEx International First
  • FedEx International Priority
  • FedEx International Priority Freight

Opting for FedEx International will be especially beneficial to you and your customers if you run an online store outside of Poland.