Ready to use integration with Aramex, a courier service from the Middle East, is at your disposal in IdoSell Shop.

Do you run business in Saudi Arabia?
If so, at IdoSell Shop we are ready to integrate with Aramex, providing international courier services.This Dubai-based company is a leading player in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, etc.) and offers shipping to almost the entire world. Having a shop at IdoSell Shop, you can use this ready integration.

Integration with Aramex at IdoSell Shop

What does integration with Aramex offer?

Integration of IdoSell Shop and Aramex is fully automatic thanks to the use of WebAPI Aramex. By using possibilites of integration via API, the online store gains:

fully automatic generation of documents/shipping labels
automatic saving of tracking numbers in orders shipped by Aramex
the ability to provide customers with tracking links to track their shipments

As with all integrations offered by IdoSell shop, the one from Aramex is available to all our customers and partners. Simply activate it in the administration panel by adding Aramex courier to the appropriate delivery profile. It is worth noting that the offer is available on the basis of contracts signed individually between the shop and Aramex. So to be able to offer this courier service, you need to contact Aramex to set up an account that will give you access to the service.