functionality - FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the most popular features.

Can I order a modification to administration panel? How much would I have to pay for modifications to administration panel? is created as a single, coherent system in which all customers receive one, always the most up-to-date version of the Panel. Our engineers, introducing new modules or refining the existing ones, automatically update all the shops. With only one version of the system available, we can offer our services to a larger number of customers at a lower price than our competitors do.

One consequence of this situation is that we cannot feature the administration panel with completely new functions colliding with other, earlier ones. Such changes are possible to integrate only as a helper applications (communicating via the API). Any valuable suggestions to improve the administration panel, provided by our clients, are of course welcomed by us, and utilized every day, during works on improving the panel. The changes of this type are free of charge, because they are made with money coming from subscription fees.

If the changes involve not very popular features - which are usually used only by one client and that we would normally not have introduced (such as integration with the courier operating in a country in which we do not handle officially), and they do not interfere with the work of other users shops and panels - we can provide them as maintenance works, paid by the hour, according to price list.

What is written in, and whether can I modify it myself?

Architecture and technical details of the of the platform implementation should not matter really. It is a service, not a program intended for self-installation or even more - upgrade. We use open standards, so in this respect, each application should be consistent with them (i.e. with: HTML, CSS, PDF, CSV, XML).

License, which we offer is sold as a monthly subscription and does not include the right of program code ownership. With automatic updates, you always rent the most up-to-date version of the program, without having to download the latest patches. Moreover, self-made modifications would prevent automatic updates, which - in turn - would completely freeze application version at some stage of its development. service can be therefor recommended to all those who appreciate the low cost, efficient work and do not like to worry about technical issues. Surely this is not a service for programmers-hobbyists.

Can I install the application on the hosting account?

Unfortunately, installing the application on hosting servers is not possible. This is due to the peculiarity of such services. They are dedicated to customers who want to pay a low fee in exchange for a small load on the server. Therefore, hosting companies place up to several hundred (and even several thousands) customer accounts on one server. For customers - to not disturb each other work - limitations are imposed, particularly on the number of database calls. Under such conditions, running the sophisticated system is not physically possible.

The second reason is that the hosting servers are functionally limited to a few popular libraries. This does not give developers too much capacity or space to make development process too sophisticated. Moreover, each company uses different software configurations. Therefore we would have to spend twice or thrice as much time to prepare the application to ensure its correct work in at least a few hosting companies. Such restrictions would result in serious consequences for the software operation and functionality.

Because engineers care of not only the application, but also servers, operating system and implementation environment, we can customize all the necessary parameters of services to use them efficiently with the software. With full control over all processes, we can give a full guarantee on all services provided by us. In case of external hosting would be allowed, full technical support would not be possible. This situation could also produce problems with errors and changes made by the hosting companies administrators or update made to one application copy could prove impossible, and the automatic update is one of the basic assumptions of our business. Standard of our services would come down and it's a thing that we cannot allow.

To sum everything up, installing software on the hosting companies servers would adversely affect the price, functionality and scope of services. So do not expect - now or in the future - software to be installed on hosting accounts.

Can I sell in different currencies?

Yes. Your shop supports the possibility to sell in any currency available. Prices in that currency are calculated and presented to customers basing on current exchange rates. Exchange rates can be entered and corrected manually or rely on the automatic synchronization with Polish National Bank rate tables.

Orders in foreign currencies do not cause troubles for orders paid by cash (cash on delivery) or bank transfer. The situation is opposite in the case of on-line payment systems were chosen. Information sent to external payment systems includes the contract value expressed in panel base currency. Therefore the client needs to bear the costs of conversion fees incurred by the on-line payment service.

Can I set up a separate address (separate domain) for each language of my store? on-line shop allows you to conduct sells in a variety of languages. The number of these shop versions is entirely up to you. For one store you can also assign any number of domains. So you can advertise a store in different countries, using different addresses (domains). Entering each of them would redirect to your store. Moreover, the system is able to identify the country of origin on the basis of the client's browser settings and thus automatically propose the corresponding country language. Imperfection of this solution is the lack of possibility to set the so-called primary domain for the shop. It also affects the site positioning (SEO - Search Engines Optimization).

Solution recommended by us, if you want to run different shop language versions in different domains, is to install a proper number of stores within a single panel. This solution does not incurs high costs and provides the ability to set the primary domain for each store (language version), accurate pricing without relying on the currency exchange rates of the on-line payment services, as well as limiting the product offer to the selected country only and differentiate the appearance of a shop in every language version.

Can I create a on-line shopping mall or a price comparer based on software? Is it possible to create such variant that would redirect all orders to a third party? is a software dedicated to run an on-line shop or wholesale store. Creating a good program, user-friendly, efficient and with powerful capabilities, requires a specific business model to be chosen as a starting point.

Mall is the kind of shop that is not based on one company that sells and does shipping, but is a collection of sale offers from various vendors, directing customers to various sellers. This is a completely different model of doing business than running an on-line shop or wholesale store, which are based on a centralized logistics system with one of more owned stocks.

For this reason, we do not believe that would be highly useful to support a typical on-line shopping mall operation. We do not expect also that in the near future this situation will change. If you are interested in starting one or more stores based on the Just-In-Time supply model (products are ordered from suppliers when a client purchases them in your shop), will do perfectly in this role, fully controlling the ordering process. We however do not support an aggregate business models, such as Amazon Shopping Mall or eBay.

We cannot also advise you a company that offers such software. Internet shopping malls, that can survive and earn money for themselves, are usually located on large sites with high viewing figures and are not standard programs.

If you still do not open shopping arcade, we encourage you to open an online store and organize supply systems Just-In-Time at the customer orders.

If I want to print fiscal receipts using panel, fiscal cash register would be enough? What is better to buy - fiscal printer or cash register?

Cash register is not intended to be a computer peripheral device and therefore a PC cannot transmit data to it. If you already have a cash register, unfortunately, you cannot use the printing fiscal receipts option from panel. This function is only available after buying one of fiscal printers recommended by us. Go to section concerning the IAI Fiscalizator application to see the list of printers supported by us.

If you are buying your first register device, it is worth to consider whether to buy fiscal printer immediately or not. Fiscal printer is much more expensive, but you will not have to spend time on inputting fiscal receipts data to the device. If you intend to open an on-line store, which will be executing a large number of orders, you may want to invest more and buy a device that will also work out in the future.

With the IAI Fiscalizator application it is possible to print receipts from the administration panel and the IAI POS cash register positions.

Note: We suggest that fiscal printer purchase should be preceded with examination of the printer interaction with the panel.

Can I run more than one store? How does the many-shops-in-one-panel mechanism works in

Each client activates one shop during the installation process. There are no contraindications against running more than one. This option is available to all customers. After ordering new shops in the Administration Panel, you get the indicated number of additional stores implemented. You also do not pay for full installation fee as the one being billed for the first store. The cost of adding each new store to already existing Administration Panel is only £25/29€ net.

With its unique system many of shops in one panel, you have the possibility of efficient orders handling and adding products to many stores at once - just as you would normally do for a single store. Of course, every shop is available at a separate address, settings and offering individual goods and graphic design. Shared are: stock, the pool of orders and customer base.


You have 3 shops:

  • Shop1,
  • Shop2,
  • Shop3.

A product is available in the store Shop1, product B is available in stores Shop1 and Shop3, the product C is available in stores Shop2 and Shop3. As a result, Shop1 has 2 products, in Shop2 you have one product and in Shop3 - 2 products. With the you had to add and describe only 3 products, while their number in shops is 5. If customer X buys product B from Shop1 and another customer Y buys product C from Shop3, in a list of orders two purchases will be visible, signed with proper stores names and one piece of B and C products will be subtracted from stock. It will remain only one product A in Shop1. Thus you do not have to worry about updating the stock quantities in other shops. You can also view full reports on the operations carried out by selected stores.

If you choose to manage multiple stores from a single panel, you will pay for the data transfer according to the chosen tariff plan and each subsequent store will cost you only 25 zł net per month (additional subscription fee). All shops will be all-together charged for additional services and transfers. This is particularly attractive offer, giving even greater savings to large companies.

You can also order a separate administration panel and lead a second group of shops or one shop alone - it's just like you're managing two completely different companies. In this case, each additional shop is treated as a completely separate project.

Do I need to install any software to access the administration panel?

Access to the Administrative Panel is possible by using any computer with Internet access and a standard web browser installed. We strive to make our solution cooperating with browsers of all leading manufacturers, so there are no particular guidelines to the specific brand - it may be both Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer (or other). Our system works perfectly with both browsers and programs designed for Microsoft Windows and completely free Linux. Our solutions are based on commonly known and widely-used standards, therefore, your browser is most likely all that is needed to work with the Administration Panel.

How many people can have access to the Administration Panel and do I have to pay extra for it?

In the installation process we provide a single account with full administration rights. Once authenticated, the Administration Panel allows it's owner to set up another panel-access account to the store, i.e. for employees, accounting department etc. You pay nothing for these additional accounts. However, be aware that under the Terms and Conditions of service, you take full responsibility for actions performed by users whom you have given access to your administrative panel, the same way as if you would had performed them personally. The mechanism also allows you to set limits to users access rights. Every action in the administration panel leaves traces behind, so you don't have to worry about what your employees are doing. You will be able to keep track of what they are doing - not only in critical situations, but also check the number of orders handled by them and the quality of their work.

Do I have to deal with the updates by myself and do I have to pay extra for them?

In we care for our customers and allow them to focus on what is the essence of their business - running the store. When renting the application, you do not have to worry about technical aspects of it, including software updates.

Some manufacturers sell on-line stores, especially those boxed-ones, and make you buy updates to properly run your shop, thus hiding the high costs of these applications. When renting an application, this problem does not concern you. Your store is always the most up-to-date version, without installing anything. The best thing is that you pay neither for updates, nor their installation. They are applied to all stores at the same time, calculated in the subscription fee, without incurring additional costs. This allows you to easily estimate the monthly cost of running the store without having to worry about hidden charges included in the cost of updating.