IdoSell Shop features

Thousands of ready-to-use functions

IdoSell Shop does not limit itself to basic elements of ecommerce. We offer professional support of all sales processes. You can choose from thousands of different options which help you to effectively manage your offer, sales and logistics. It is up to you which functions you want to use in your shop. You can easily and quickly add the selected functions to the shop's panel yourself. Afterwards you can start using them.

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Marketing and multi-channel sales

Full integration of all sales channels in one place and at the same time keeping coherent inventory management will help you develop your business in, unreachable by now, pace. Thanks to IdoSell Shop you can adapt your offer, and the way of its distribution, to your customers' requirements and you will always be where they expect to find you.

Marketing and multi-channel sales is one of the strengths of IdoSell Shop. Check it yourself

Intelligent product recommendation system

IAI RS is an intelligent product recommendation system which will provide your customers with personalised suggestions of the products which might be of interest to them. Some solutions which are used by IAI RS are also used by Amazon. You do not have to be an international giant or a brilliant mathematician to gain access to the innovative and effective personalised recommendation system. Thanks to IAI RS you will trigger interest in your customers, increase average basket's value, increase loyalty and satisfaction of your clients from the shopping experience in your shop.

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Returns module

Compete with the biggest online shops on the market by using our returns module. Thanks to the module, your clients will be able to make a problem-free return of purchased products and will quickly have a refund of the order costs. It is a comfortable and inexpensive solution for the clients – you, on the other hand, will receive the returned products in the blink of an eye and will be able to sell them once again. It is up to you whether the returns will be free or simply inexpensive. Free returns can be used in your marketing strategy.

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Social Media

When using IdoSell Shop you can take full advantage of social media functions, i.e. “Like” box, commenting products from a Facebook account or signing in to your shop with a Facebook account. Owe to these functions, your customers can share their opinions about your shop with their friends. They can also order products without registration, using only a Facebook account.

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Mobile application

Thanks to the application that we have created along with PayPal, your customers will be able to do shopping on a mobile device. Additionally, they will be up to date with the newest special offers and trends in your online shop, regardless of time and place. The mobile application will also be synchronised with our intelligent product recommendation system IAI RS.

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Mobile version of a shop

Designed for and adjusted to devices with a touchscreen. Mobile shop is a reflection of a traditional ecommerce website with its full offer, providing great impression when being used. Our system will automatically redirect your customers to the right version of the shop detecting if it is visited from a mobile device or not. Your customers will therefore be able to view your offer on all mobile devices without any problems and freely navigate between different sales channels.

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Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Combine attractive design with usability of a webiste, displayed on smartphones, tablets, laptops and big computer screens. All you need is to choose RWD and the layout of your shop will be displayed in a perfect way regardless of the device. Fully intuitive shop, clear and functional on each screen size.

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Online auction shop

IdoSell online auction shop is a result of cooperation between IdoSell Shop and the most popular marketplaces. Thus, you can present exactly the same products that are on your listings also in the shop. By means of the online auction shop, your customers can easily select colours, sizes, etc before being redirected to the actual listing. It is far more easy than going through other listings.

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Shop on Facebook

Use the potential of Facebook and sell through the service. Your Facebook shop will be integrated with your IdoSell Shop's panel and other sales channels. Your fans can place orders without leaving the social network and use the unique offer you have selected for them.

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Independent cash system

If you also run a traditional, brick-and-mortar store, we have created IAI POS especially for you – a ready-to-use system combining an online shop and a point of sale. This application enables comfortable and efficient sale in brick-and-mortar stores, including personal collections. It works on-line or off-line, synchronizing stock levels, availability and sales in IdoSell Shop Cloud. It issues fiscal receipts, VAT invoices and even enables gaining points in a loyalty program used in your online store according to the settings in the administration panel.

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Wholesale store (B2B)

IdoSell Shop can easily fulfil requirements of Busines-to-Business sellers. You can manage retail and wholesale offer from one administration panel. We cooperate with over 2500 sellers and we know their needs. This knowledge is used when we design new functionalities of a wholesale store. Apart from having an attractive and modern website of a wholesale store, you will integrate it with consignees and you will be able to manage stocks, logistics, and payments.

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ERP integration

Do you use an external financial accounting software? If yes, thanks to IAI Bridge application, you can easily integrate with an external ERP program, keeping coherence of prices and stock levels. IAI Bridge also transfers the most important data to ERP system – that is why, you can easily handle each transaction and invoice it properly.

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ERP system functions

IdoSell Shop also has a built-in module of full control over stock management, which enables handling many stocks. All this for no additional charge and without the need od further integration. All ERP functions have been optimized in terms of online sales. IdoSell Shop ERP enables shopping control, calculating markup and issuing sales documents. It also gives you the possibility to issue advanced reports and forecast, for example, stock levels.

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A Warehouse Management System

A Warehouse Management System is essential for medium and large online shops in order to handle orders quickly, inexpensively and without any mistakes. The main aim of our WMS module is to transform chaos into an effective, repeatable and controlled shipment system. By using the WMS module, you can ensure no order handling errors are made and your clients receive exactly what they have ordered in your shop.

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International sales

Thanks to IdoSell Shop you will be able to sell internationally. We are a pioneer of international ecommerce solutions on the Polish market. Integration modules and innovative solutions will let you reach customers all over the world by what you will increase profitability of your shop.
  • Ready-to-use layouts in German and Polish
  • Multi currency support: EUR, GBP, USD, PLN
  • Integration with leading business partners in the UK and Germany
  • Automatic currency converter
  • Local VAT rates support
  • Invoices and sales documents issued in many currencies

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Multishop – one administration panel with many shops

You can open many e-stores in a one administration panel and manage them at your own convenience. Depending on settings, the shops can share, i.e. stocks or can function independently. No longer should you manage your shops from many panels and trouble yourself with their integration. IdoSell Shop solves your problems and gives you one administration panel to manage all your shops.

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