Dropshipping for online retail stores

We focus on providing fully automated integrations between retail and wholesale online stores, in order to reduce the amount of repetitive manual tasks and allow for large scale dropshipping operations.

Ordering products in a wholesale store

It is possible to generate a list of ordered products for selected orders to CSV or XML files from each IdoSell store. Thanks to that, you simply upload your customer orders to a wholesale system. You do not need to make calls or send emails with attached orders.

The way of receiving dropshipping orders in wholesale stores can vary. A wholesale store you cooperate with will inform you how to do it.

Checking order status in a wholesale store

You can send a request to the wholesale system about the status of your orders anytime

  • you can use an endpoint enabling sending a request about your orders to a wholesale store
  • after the wholesaler ships the order to your customer, you will receive an automatic email with a parcel number and tracking information

How to inform customers about order shipment?

You just have to paste the parcel number received in an email from the wholesale store to a proper order in the administration panel and change its status to sent. Then your customer will receive an email with the parcel tracking number.

Preparing the administration panel for dropshipping order handling

Configuring the administration panel for dropshipping can be done within a few clicks. Information on how to configure the administration panel can be found on: How to enable drophipping in your online store