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Product blog - IdoSell Shop online stores (May 2017)

30 May

The ability to engage influencers through Uber style discount codes is just one of the changes to the new affiliate program at IdoSell Shop.

Who will promote your shop best? Probably you, but not worse are bloggers, YouTubers or your current customers. The the newly launched affiliate program module gives you another great tool to promote your online store.


24 May

It is possible to define additional link explaining the rules of product exchange

Online stores often ask us about the product exchange module. We often explain that product exchange is nothing but returning a product and making another purchase. Since sellers often have problems with understanding how to organize exchanging one product to another, we believe that consumers may have an even greater problem with that. That is why we added the ability to place a separate link explaining the exchange policy as an additional text over the first page of the return module.