Stock quantities for listings

The IdoSell system constantly monitors the number of available products and handles orders from listings with stock quantities coherence.

Listings integration module gives you full control over stock management for marketplace orders.

  • It is possible to sell the same products both on listings and in the online store. The system will intelligently - when product is sold in store - subtract adequate number of products on a listing (or finish it prematurely) or vice-versa - will remove products sold on listings from the store. It is the perfect solution for smaller businesses which cannot allow themselves to have products only for auctions or only for store.
    • IdoSell can also increase the number of products available on eBay. If a customer purchases an item on a listing, the quantity of available products will be automatically adjusted on the basis of stock quantities and initial quantity on a listing.
    • Both listing settings profiles and listing creator allow you to determine the stock, orders will be handled from.
    • If you have multiple stocks, you can set the one to list products from or use the automatic stock selection - the system will choose it for you.
    • Advanced reservation system will look after your stock quantities, so the number of products listed on listings could not be purchased in your store.

Our tools completely eliminate the risk of buying all products listed on listings in on-line store and allow for organized sales on listings - even when you create thousands of listings.