Product edition for auction

On-line store offer does not have to be always the same as for auction sites. Our platform allows to define separate product parameters for auctions.

In the you can determine separate product data for auction sites.

It will allow you to create offer to sell on auctions without the need of modifying data visible in store. The most important editable elements are:

  • Product name - you can set different product name (than one in store) for auction,
  • Product description - you can set different product description (than one in store) for auction,
  • Product icon -you can set different product icon (than one in store) for auction,
  • Product price - you can set Buy it now price, Starting price and Minimal price different then ones in store,
  • Categories on auction sites - you can assign auction site categories to your products and system will list products to it automatically,
  • Parameters in indicated category - within selected auction site category you can set detailed parameters and the system will set them automatically later, when you list an auction with this particular product.

Changes can be made quickly and comfortably with product group edition. List of products has views, that can be adapted to suit your needs.