Listing settings profiles

IdoSell offer an innovative tool thanks to which you can create listing within the blink of an eye.

Listing settings profiles constitutes a set of ready-to-use listing options. Thanks to that you do not have to go through all the steps of a listing wizard every time you create a listing - listing products comes down to choosing a given profile and thus, saving more time.

Listing settings profile includes information about listings, e.g.:

  • listing title (including variables in order to assign different titles),
  • listing template - you can add your own, or you can commission tasks to our specialists,
  • duration and type of a listing,
  • listing renewal settings,
  • settings concerning warehouses - whether a listing should be handled from a specific warehouse, or automatically - according to warehouse priorities,
  • account from which a listing is to be created,
  • delivery profile,
  • delivery time,
  • details concerning transport and payment,
  • stock level reservations,
  • listing all sizes at once (as separate listings or multi-variation listings)
  • returns rules (for eBay),
  • additional options, e.g. bold, miniature, etc.

Settings profiles are based on different settings in the panel

It means that you do not have to choose payment forms for each listing separately, or to configure deliveries. While using
listing settings profiles, information below are also included:

  • Payment forms(on the basis of payment profiles for listings)
  • Delivery price list for Allegro Group services
  • Number of products to be reserved for a listing on the basis of the percentage set by the user
  • Product availability profiles

Setting profiles are divided into shops and auction services. The tool is integrated with Allegro and eBay. For each one appropriate settings are available. Creating listings can be performed directly from the product card (section Online auctions), or from the level of product list (Online auctions button at the level below the list).