Guidelines for creating auction templates in IdoSell

Here is a list of help questions that are intended to collect guidelines and provide us with relevant information for creating Allegro and Ebay auction template. If you are unable to answer a question or are hesitant, you can rely on the help of our designer. The first stage of implementation is the preparation of a graphic design that we will send to your acceptance. Each project will be able to be adjusted after your evaluation. Remember that the most information is always provided by specific examples from existing Allegro or Ebay auctions.

1. Allegro or Ebay?
In which site the auction template will be used?

2. Responsiveness
Should the template of the auction be responsive? In Allegro, responsive auction templates are available only for auctions in Strefa Marek.

3. The layout of Allegro and Ebay auction template
Should one of two typical layouts be used: template with left column or single-column template, what will be a cheaper solution than preparing an individual layout?

4. Assortment
Will an auction template serve to display the entire range of online store products or only the selected type of products? Should an auction template contain links to categories in which you sell - what are the categories?

5. Graphics
Should an auction template be consistent in a color and style with the appearance of the store? If not, then what color and style do you prefer? What version of logo should be included in the auction template ?

6. Products descriptions
What information should be collected directly from the descriptions and characteristics of the products entered in the administration panel? Will the long description of a product for the auction be created in a special way?

7. Additional information
What information should be additionally provided in the auction template (delivery costs, account number, contact details, FAQ)? What sections and graphic information banners are to be to prepared? Do you need alternative versions of the auction template or banners with other information? Is any information particularly important and promoted, such as warranty or free shipping?

8. Examples
Please provide examples of other auctions with an indication of the items of interest. Please provide examples of reference auctions in terms of aesthetics and style. Are your auctions already listed at this time? Provide the links, please.

9. Widgets
Will there be a code for additional tools and widgets, such as a list of other auctions, attached to the auction template?