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If you are cooperating with a supplier of product offer and you want to synchronize it with your offer, and update quantity stocks, using the Downloader application, you can create your own plugin to the Downloader.

Plugin for Downloader is an application or script connecting with the supplier data base and generating offer in IOF format, recognizable by the Downloader application.

Principle of plugin operation is shown on the picture below:

Schematics of synchronization operation - offer supplier from outside the IdoSell platform.

Script - created in accordance to the Technical specification of the IOF format - generates offer, from the supplier system, in IOF files, that are interpreted by the Downloader. Using this applicatio, you can import offer, update information on products and their stock quantities.

First step
Download the specification of the IOF format. The application, which you will create, needs to generate offer in XML files, structure of which should fulfill the requirements from the specification. Full specs can be found on the website concerning the IOF.

Additional requirements

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