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We have reduced the price of Dynamic Product Groups. Invest in yourself, not in marketplaces

Dynamic Product Groups is a dynamic adjustment of your offer to different sales channels. Now you can use the functionality for only PLN 50 per month. The module will still remain free of charge for clients who use Google Ads from IdoSell. It's the independence that will pay off.

Dynamic Product Groups make it easy to optimize sales across channels. How does it work? Based on historical data, the module allows you to dynamically build the best offer for your shop. Everything to help you sell more effectively.

How will conversions increase in your shop? Let's assume that you sell pet products on Allegro. You have to give away as much as PLN 16.5 in commission for pet food sold for PLN 150. This means that you could sell the same product in your shop for PLN 133.5 and earn the same amount. Therefore it is worth lowering the prices of your products in relation to Allegro and attracting customers directly to you. Dynamic Product Groups identifies which products have the highest sales potential and builds your own dynamic product groups that you can advertise on Google and Facebook.

Why is this beneficial to you? Buying directly from your shop will increase awareness of your brand. Instead of spending on commissions on sales sites, invest in promoting your best products on Google Shopping and Facebook.

The cost of Dynamic Product Groups is now only PLN 50 per month per shop. We decided to lower the price from PLN 500 per month because we believe in the effectiveness of our service and we want to encourage sellers to invest in themselves and build a strong private brand. Do not hesitate and order the module today!

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