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Reach business customers with your offer. New IdoSell service that supports Allegro Business

IdoSell has implemented a package of changes to support Allegro Business. As part of them, you'll be able to use automatic export of invoices to customers, use wholesale price lists and discounts, present offers available only for business customers and offer deferred payment. If you have a business account on Allegro and want to develop B2B sales, this change is for you.

Automatically transfer invoices to orders from Allegro

We make sure that providing buyers with documents for their orders is as easy as possible. That's why we've introduced automatic export of invoices to customers from Allegro. If you mark an order as shipped, the system will automatically send an invoice to the buyer (in the same way as for orders from Amazon).

Wholesale price lists and discounts for large orders

Thanks to Allegro's wholesale price list support, you can offer your customers more attractive prices when they buy more of a given product. You can assign wholesale price lists to one or more listings. They will be available only to buyers who have company accounts.

How do I use this option? Just select in your "Settings profile" the pricelists added in the Allegro panel before listing items. Additionally, thanks to the "discounts for large orders" you can set the Allegro discounts for the whole assortment, if you buy from a given amount. You can verify the discount in the Settings profile.

Make offers only for companies

IdoSell also allows you to make available offers which are only targeted at business customers. If you use the option Show listings only for Allegro Business in the selected Settings profile, your product will be visible to everyone, but only companies will be able to buy it. For now, Allegro makes this option available in the "Health" and "Beauty" categories.


Deferred payment for companies

Orders with deferred payment for companies can be handled like other transactions. The invoice attached to such order is automatically exported to the Allegro panel. The minimum order value for this option is PLN 100.

Send VAT rates to your offers

Completing the package of changes that support cooperation with business customers is the automatic transfer of the VAT rate of the product issued on the site. This must be a company account. In this situation, the system transfers the VAT rate from the product card to Allegro.

The changes should be available to all sellers within the next two weeks.

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