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Promotion module - FAQ after IdoSell webinar. Plan sales in your online shop

The busy shopping season of Black Week and Christmas gift buying has begun, which means huge e-commerce traffic. How to make the most of this time? Get to know the new module from IdoSell better and plan effective promotions in your online shop. IdoSell's expert, Katarzyna Kapanajko, answers the questions you asked during the webinar.

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The new module will facilitate setting up promotions in your online shop. You can plan promotions for a particular day and time and set several promotions at once. You can add the promotions or choose the best one, as well as choose different promotions for groups of goods or a single product.

During a recent IdoSell webinar, Katarzyna Kapanajko, IdoSell product manager explained how the new module makes it easier to set up promotions in your online shop. Below are the answers to all the questions you asked during the webinar.

Q: Can the on and off times of promotions be synchronized with the on and off of banners on the site?
A: Yes, you can set the same banner on/off date as the promotion. Just enter the same date range in both places.

Q: What are the options for setting up promotions? Are they just price discounts or can I set up 1+1 promotions for example?
A: A promotion is only used to reduce the price at a given time. It is not possible to make a 1+1 campaign in the module. To make a promotion of this type, you need to use the special offers module.

Q: In which tab are the promotional campaigns placed?
A: You can find the promotions module in Marketing and integrations / Promotions.

Q: How many goods can be assigned to one promotion? Is there a limit on the number of goods in a given promotion?
A: There are no limits on the goods assigned to a promotion. However, we recommend adding entire groups of goods (menu items, series, manufacturers, categories) to promotion because it is more convenient.

Q: When I create a promotion, does it create a page with a list of goods, e.g. as in the case of news?
A: One general page is created for all goods assigned to the zone promotion, special product, featured, etc. The configuration of these pages can be found in Moderation / Menu and description subpages in the mask. The system does not create a separate page for each promotion.

Q: Will it be possible to add selected products to a new promotion if they are currently in another one?
A: In the new promotions module we have the ability to add the same goods to several promotions at once. In the configuration of promotions you can choose whether the promotions are to be added together or whether the most beneficial one is to be selected.
A new promotion may also be applied when an old-type promotion is active on an item. In such a situation, both the old and the new promotion are charged. So a double discount is applied.

Q: What does the visual layout of active promotions on individual products look like? How does it look on the product card, in the search node/category?
A: Activating a promotion of a new type does not change anything about the presentation of an item in the shop. An item added to an old-type promotion looks the same as an item in the new promotion - appropriate "promotion", "discount", etc. labels are added depending on the configuration. An additional crossed-out price is added.
If the promotion is time-limited, a promotion end counter shall be displayed on the commodity card. This counter is the only element that requires customization as it takes into account not only the end date of the promotion, but also the time.

Q: Is it planned (following the example of time promotions) to introduce also quantity promotions (only X pieces of a given product covered by the promotion)
A: Such a proposal is on the Roadmap, but no concrete arrangements in the near future.

Q: If we set a promotion of 10 percent for one product until (for example) 10 a.m. and from 10.01 a.m. we want this product to have a 15 percent promotion, will everything work correctly? - will everything work correctly? But should the promotion be set from 2.01 p.m. (after these 4 hours of data analysis by Elastic Search)?
A: If we set one promotion until 10 a.m. and the other from 10 a.m., everything will work correctly, the prices will be correct. It is important that both promotions are scheduled at least 4 hours in advance.

Q: When adding a promotion for a specific manufacturer, will there be an option to add the promotion (only for models available in our internal stock) - not including products from the M0 warehouse?
A: Currently there is no such option. Such a proposal is on the Roadmap, but we do not plan to do so in the near future.

Q: Will the promotional prices be updated in the product feed e.g. for Google?
A: The price sent to external sites will be reduced by the discount that will result from the promotion when the basic (default) price is sent to the site.

Q: If we currently have promotions added (after launching the new module), will we have to deactivate them and add them again in the new module? Or will they be transferred automatically?
A: Promotions will not be transferred automatically. Promotions added in the old module will continue to work until they are manually or automatically terminated.

Q: When (in the case of a set) we add a product to a promotion that is a set, will every product in that set be included in the promotion? If so, how will the promotion be run for one and/or more of the component products in the kit?
A: If you add a set whose price is calculated based on its components to the promotion, only the price of that set will be reduced. The prices of the individual components of that set will not change. If you want their prices to be reduced as well, you will also need to add these items independently to the promotion.

Q: Is it planned to implement the combination of information about the availability of products in the promotion with the mechanism of displaying banners, i.e. products are sold out, the banner switches itself off?
A: We are not planning to implement such a mechanism.

Q: Do you plan to add the possibility of displaying discount codes on the product card?
A: It does not apply to promotions only discount codes. Currently we are not planning to add the mentioned feature to the standard masks. However, such effect can be achieved using our HTML and JavaScript add-ons. You can report to our graphic designers for implementation.

Q: How will the program account for the Third pair free promotion in an order? Will it add the product for 0 PLN?
A: It does not apply to promotions only special offers/discounts. Complimentary goods billing settings can be changed in Administration / Print configuration / Sales document print settings. Complimentary goods can be included in the printouts always at a price of 1.00, at a price of 0.00, and you can also add it to another order item or not include it at all in the sales documents.

Q: Will the old module no longer be active? What about old promotions and sales?
A: The old module will only be deactivated when it is no longer in use and all promotions added have ended. The plan is to no longer be able to add new promotions in the new year.

Q: Is anything changing with respect to transferring promotional prices to services such as Allegro, or do I have to change something on the product card?
A: Discounts imposed by the new promotions mechanism are currently not taken into account when setting prices in markeplaces. So the item prices will not be discounted in Allegro after adding the item to the promotion.

Q: What is the best way to approach products that are sold out, i.e. we don't want the discount to end.
A: If you do not want the promotion to end - do not set an end date. In the promotion setup, select the I will end it manually checkbox. The promotion will end only when we do this manually.
If you want to make the promotion while stock lasts, you can use the option When stock lasts, automatically remove from promotion goods added per unit. Please note that if this option is selected, only individual items will be removed from the promotion and not items in the selected batch, category or other group.

Q: Will promotions active in the old promotion module be transferred automatically to the new module?
A: Promotions will not be transferred automatically. Promotions added in the old module will continue to run until they are manually or automatically terminated.

Q: Will it be possible to assign the whole assortment with one click and then exclude individual groups of goods?
A: This is not possible at the moment.

Q: Will it be possible to set promotions where the price of some products will go down by 50 percent, others by 45 percent etc.? I mean individually adjusting the price to the product with one promotion like: product "a" costs in the promotion 10 PLN, product "b" - 2 PLN and product "c" - 50 zloty and each is reduced by another percent.
A: There is no such possibility. In this case, you have to make a separate promotion for each commodity. Here you can use the duplicate promotions function to make the whole process run more smoothly.

Q: Will it be possible to set the order in which products will be displayed in the promotional catalogue?
A: For the moment, we are not planning this possibility.

Q: Is it possible to configure the settings so that e.g. every day from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. the promotion will be activated and the prices on Allegro auctions will be updated as well?
A: It is not possible to configure such cyclical promotions. To achieve such an effect you would need to add a promotion for these 4 hours for each day.

Q: Will it be possible to rename e.g. Promotion to my own name which will be displayed on the label next to the product in the shop?
A: Renaming a label can be done by editing the shop mask. Soon it will also be possible to do this from within Composer.

Q: Will it be possible to disable the promotion timer? (i.e. end date planned, but we do not inform customers about it)
A: If this is the case, add a promotion that does not have an end date set (checkbox I will end manually enabled). If you never want to display a counter, then you will need to change the shop mask. For this purpose, please contact support.

Q: How will the new promotion module work with Bridge and/or Downloader applications with which we update the prices of goods?
A: When using the new promotions module, updating the price via API will no longer be a hassle. Now, if you modify the price of an item, it will be a modification of the price before the promotion (crossed out), since it is this price that is actually written on the item. If you modify the price via API or manually in the panel, it is actually the crossed-out price that shall be updated. However, the price for the customer will always be recalculated based on the promotion terms.

Q: In search lists, will the products on promotion stand out? I understand that there is no additional infographic that this among other products has an active promotion (only a possible crossed out price)?
A: The presentation of goods in the shop will look the same as with the old promotion mechanism. So if you assign promotional goods to the promotion zone, then in addition to the crossed-out price, the promotion label will be visible in the product lists and on the product card.

Q: Is there a timetable for the removal of the old module? If so, when?
A: Starting next year, it will not be possible to add a new promotion in the old module. The old module will only be deactivated when it is no longer in use and all promotions added have ended.

Q: If the retail price is lower than the suggested price and we add a promotion to this product - the information about how much the customer saves (the red "You save x%" entry on the product page) is calculated from the suggested price or from the retail price?
A: The displayed discount in this case is calculated on the retail price. If the item also has a crossed-out price (which is higher than the retail price), the discount is calculated on the basis of the crossed-out price.

Q: Will the promotional price of the commodity be visible in the list of goods?
A: Yes. The promotional price in standard masks is shown in the goods list.

Q: Are there plans to create a mechanism that will generate individual discount codes? (e.g. for newsletter subscribers)
A: Regarding discount codes. We already have such a mechanism. It is possible to generate codes automatically in one of the campaigns through so-called variables, which can be placed in e-mail and SMS newsletters. Read the details on the IdoSell blog.

Q: Will the promotion be possible to set from the SCD price?
A: This is not possible.

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