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Present your offerings multichannel. Take advantage of new marketplace services as part of your integration with Cdiscount (Octopia)

Present your offer in multiple channels and target new customers. Take advantage of the new marketplace services in the integration with Cdiscount. Expanding the integration available in IdoSell with Octopia will allow you to start selling to Norway, Finland, Sweden or Spain.

What is changing in IdoSell's integration with Cdiscount (Octopia)?

The Cdiscount service (by Octopia) offers merchants the opportunity to sell on the French marketplace. As of now, it also gives access to a number of third-party marketplace services, under an internal agreement. The following conditions must be met:

  1. Cdiscount sales are required.
  2. The categories of products offered should be consistent with the type of products offered in the marketplace.

The seller should contact cdiscount support with a request for access to new channels. After approval within his cDioscount panel, he receives a list of channels in which he can additionally present his offer. After selecting and setting the details, he can enable them in the Cdiscount configuration in IdoSell.

In which services can you export your offer?

  • Casino
  • Rakuten
  • CDON Denemark
  • CDON Norvege
  • CDON Finlande
  • CDON
  • Marjane Maroc
  • The Phone House
  • Worten
  • Europazon
  • Alltricks France
  • BHV France
  • Carethy Espagne

The list of services is constantly growing. You can always find the list of current services in your Cdiscount panel in IdoSell.

What will you gain from the new channels available through Cdiscount?

  • Simple launch - just access the new channels in Cdiscount, then confirm and select them in the marketplace configuration in IdoSell.
  • Strong position - Cdiscount is one of the leaders in the French market, right next to
  • Access to new markets - including Scandinavia (CDON) and Spain.
  • Efficient operation - fast order retrieval and updates work on mechanisms already available for Cdiscount.

The product must be previously added in the catalog of the additional channel to which you want to export the offer.

How to enable IdoSell integration with Cdiscount and start exporting?

If you don't already have an account with the service ⭢ register with Cdiscount.

Cdiscount is located in the menu: Marketing and integrations ⭢ Markeptlaces ⭢ Cdiscount

The export option is available in the configuration of the integration with the Cdiscount marketplace platform.

If options are not available, contact Octopia support.

When you add new sales channels, the products will be presented in the external services of your choice in the account belonging to Cdiscount (Octopia).

The above changes will be available in all IdoSell panels within 2 weeks of the publication of this post.

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