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New features in Shopee integration. Multi-variants, new integrated couriers, auto-completion of parameters and many other changes.

Check out the new Shopee integration options. Take advantage of the full multivariancy, makenew Inpost Parcel Economy and Orlen Parcel delivery options available. In addition, choose a convenient way of calculating Shopee discounts in your orders or speed up the handling of your offers thanks to automatic parameter prompting or the creation of descriptions dedicated to the service.

Multi-variant support

Improve the visibility and shopping experience of your listings by presenting multiple variants. Shopee allows you to create up to two variants in one offer. Now, using the shop parameters, you can freely create new offers with several variants. In order to make use of this option, select multivariant in the settings profile.

It is also a condition that the goods form a group in the IdoSell panel. The variant parameter becomes those marked as differentiating in the group. Shopee allows up to two variants.

Addition of Shopee integrated couriers - InPost Economy and Orlen Paczka

Two further services are being added to Shopee Logistic's range of integrated couriers.

  • Parcel Economy, a delivery service aimed at companies with lower sales volumes. This is conditional on the courier accepting specific delivery days. The option is available in the panel under the name Shopee Paczkomaty InPost Economy.
  • Orlen Paczka, enables the use of more than 40,000 parcel collection points located throughout the country. The services are available as part of the Shopee courier.

You configure the services from the menu level ADMINISTRATION / Warehouse and logistics / Courier configuration / Poland / Shopee.

Mechanism for automatic parameter filling

We are making it easier and quicker to customise the merchandise characteristics required to issue offers in Shopee. By providing an auto-complete module based on the parameters added in the shop, the group creation of new offers will become easier. Now, with the parameters already completed for the shop, the system will adjust and complete them for the Shopee service itself. If you are already using this mechanism for Allegro and eBay, you do not need to do anything. If it is not yet used by you, you can start it from the menu Marketing and integrations / Marketplaces / Shopee PL / Marketplace settings / Automatic process settings for sales sites.

Details of how the parameter completion mechanism works

Possibility to choose the method of calculating discounts in orders

As suggested, we have introduced the possibility to choose how the amounts for orders from Shopee containing discounts should be calculated. You can now select which discount is to be deducted from the order Marketing and integrations / Marketplaces / Shopee PL / Marketplace settings / Automatic process settings for sales sites. For the option: FROM order value Shopee deduct you can select the seller discount and the Shopee discount according to your billing expectations.

Easy creation of descriptions for Shopee

The new option to generate a description for Shopee will allow you to quickly prepare a description for the service based on the merchandise description. Now, on the merchandise card in the Sales Services tab, you can generate a description for Shopee based on the shop description. The change can also be made in a group using the Group edit of commodity


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