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IdoSell integration with Allegro from today supports automatic creation and merging of offers with Allegro product catalog

From today on you can easily add your offers to the Allegro directory. The system will automatically place your offer in the Allegro directory, based on the rules and the producer code (GTIN). Moreover, already listed offers can be automatically matched and added without the need to make individual connections. Thanks to this change, you will quickly adapt to the requirements introduced by the Allegro site and improve the visibility of your offer.

Attach your offer to Allegro catalog while listing

When you create a new offer from the IdoSell panel, you can add it to the Allegro product catalog right away. The item should have a correct GTIN (manufacturer code) available at Allegro, as the offer is searched and matched based on it. If the link is not found, the module can automatically report the creation of such an entry in the Allegro product catalog.

Automatically catalog offers already listed

For sellers who have not yet connect their listings to the Allegro catalog, they can now do it fully automatically. Based on the rules set in Settings Profile the module will match and assign the listing to the selected product group based on the code taking into account the rules.

eng allegro catalogue - eng allegro catalogue

Learn how to enable automatic productization of active offers

View and edit the assigned offer on the product card

You can easily check the links to the Allegro product catalog on the product card in the panel. Here you can also change or manually indicate which offer is to be related. Additionally, using Show details option you can compare the photo and parameters of the main offer with the Allegro database.

eng listing - eng listing

Products module capabilities

  • create a new offer in the catalog, if it does not exist yet under the indicated code
  • manual linking of the offer with the product on the product card
  • group cataloging of multiple offers at the same time
  • returning the list of offers in the productization and waiting for connection

Learn more about the productization module

Unification of the marketplace section

Today we are also releasing the first changes to unify and group together the options related to marketplace support. Now the issues related to making your offer available to them can be found on the commodity card in a single tab - "Sales sites". In addition, from the "Group Merchandise Edit", the management and listing of offers can be found under one button: "Marketplaces". The existing management of marketplaces can be found in the menu "Sales / Handling sales via marketplaces".

learn more about marketplaces

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