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Get your shop ready for the season. The biggest e-commerce challenges before Christmas

December is a particularly busy time for the entire e-commerce industry. Customers buy more and make spontaneous purchasing decisions more frequently. For retailers, the end of each year is a time when not only sales, but also marketing and logistical challenges arise. So what is worth paying attention to? What else can you improve in your shop? We explain in the article below.

Advertising your products

Advertising activities should start now. Stand out from the competition and think about additional discounts for new customers. What types of promotions are the most effective? As IdoSell expert Patryk Matusiak assures - the simpler, the better.

First of all you should plan the promotional campaign well, that is choose the channels for communication with the client and the form of advertising. Organise all the activities in a calendar, plan and set deadlines for implementation. Start now and be prepared.

Don't forget about cross marketing, which is the cooperation of two entities whose offers are complementary and not in direct competition. Read more tips about promotions and increase your chances of attracting new customers.

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Shopping? Pure pleasure!

The shopping experience of your customers is very important. Make sure they have the best possible experience. Check and complete all the information provided in your online shop. Descriptions must be complete and clear, product photos must be accurate, and prices and delivery times must be up-to-date.

Also consider gift-wrapping your purchases or creating some interesting Christmas sets. Make sure your returns policy is clear, as customers are particularly sensitive to this during this period. A satisfied customer is very valuable, as they are happy to return to your shop and shop regularly. It is therefore worth taking the time to prepare your online shop accordingly.

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Last minute gifts

Every year a large number of customers make last minute purchases. That's why it's a good idea to inform them about a possible extended time of waiting for the parcel. It is definitely better to surprise the buyer with a faster delivery than to disappoint with a delay.

However, if you are worried that your order will not arrive on time, let them know as soon as possible. In this situation, open communication and an explanation of the reasons for the delay are far more valuable than no information at all.

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Flexible delivery and payment

Consumers often opt for attractive and flexible delivery options. They are able to cancel a purchase in a given shop if their favourite option is not available. Of course, the cost and the fastest possible delivery time are also important.

The situation is similar with the preferred forms of payment for the delivery. It is therefore important to choose a payment provider that is user-friendly and intuitive. Choice and flexibility are factors that have a significant impact on a customer's repeat choice of an online shop. Remember that the customer experience consists not only of the shopping process itself, but also the manner, convenience and speed of delivery and customer service.

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