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Development plans for the new promotions module. Check out what will change

You can now use the new promotions module from IdoSell. Thanks to it, you can apply different promotions to groups of goods or a single product, in different time periods. At IdoSell we respond to the needs of our sellers. That's why we would like to inform you that the old promotion module will not be removed before Christmas. Before we impose a block on the ability to add new promotions in the old module, we will fix the problems reported by you in the functioning of the new module.

First of all, we wanted to reassure you that we will not be removing the old promotions module before Christmas. Before we withdraw the ability to add new promotions in the old module, we will fix any inconvenience you have reported. Imposing such a blockade in the future will not mean that active promotions will be automatically terminated. Promotions in the old module will remain active until they are terminated on their own.

Meet the new promotions module

What will change by the end of the year?

  • Improved display of "Promotion", "Discount", "Special Product", "Featured Product", "Novelty" labels on the merchandise listing page in panels that do not use the Elastic Search quick search mechanism.
  • Adding information about active promotions in the promotion columns in the goods list.
  • Improved search for goods added to promotions from the goods search engine in the panel.
  • Adding the transfer of crossed prices in the product feed for comparison shopping engines. Currently, only current prices are passed on, without crossed-out prices.
  • Improvement of the mechanism of adding goods to promotions from the goods list level to make it more intuitive.
  • Passing promotional prices to the offer for customer integration in the IOF Full file
  • Adding the option "At the start of the promotion, change the goods hidden on the page from customers to visible".
  • Overlaying promotions on goods with configurator.
  • Improved search and selection of menu items to add in the promotion
  • Passing promotional prices to csv file in commodity export

We will make the changes one by one. All the above changes should appear in the first customers by the end of this year.

We are developing a new promotion module. What's next?

We also wanted to assure you that we are not stopping working on the recently introduced promotions module. Early next year, the module will be enhanced with new functionality and the interface will be improved. Below is a list of the items we will be working on:

  • Adding information on the commodity card in the tab with prices that the commodity is on promotion and the price visible in the panel may differ from the one in the shop.
  • Settings of default loaded view (to choose calendar/list of promotions).
  • Blocking adding a new promotion in the old module. From this moment on, you will only be able to view previously added promotions. Promotions that are active will not be terminated by us - they will remain active until their scheduled end date. You define the end date in the promotion settings. This change will be implemented around late January/early February.
  • Improvement of returned results in selections for selecting categories, series, etc.
  • Improved assignment of goods belonging to subcategories to promotions when the entire category of goods (i.e. the parent of the said subcategory) is added in the promotion campaign configuration - when a given good is not assigned directly to a given category but to its subcategory
  • Consideration of promotional prices in marketplaces
  • Loyalty program inclusion in the new promotions module.
  • Adding moving old, finished promotions to archive.
  • A number of interface improvements, such as improving display from smartphones, adding the ability to quickly delete all goods added to promotions

We estimate that you will be able to benefit from all the planned improvements from March.

What are our further goals? We also plan to implement a mechanism that will allow you to temporarily reduce the price of goods. When modifying a retail, wholesale or stationary price, you will be able to select the option of temporary reduction. At the end of the planned period, the price will return to its original state.

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