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Composer Lite and Composer Pro available February 1st

Following the November's information on Composer, we present more details about this tool. Considering the further development of the library of available components, but also of the Composer itself and its capabilities, as of February 1st, some of its features dedicated to professionals will be available in a paid Pro version. The default price for a monthly subscription will be 99 PLN per month. For those who start a subscription in the near future, we have prepared a special promotion (-75%).


Composer Lite

The use of Composer for free will continue with the Lite version. It is dedicated to the ongoing graphical maintenance of the shop template in terms of editing the layout of Standard components and translations. Features include:

  • Access to Standard compositions
  • Replace and add Standard components
  • Hide Standard components
  • Control where the Standard components are displayed
  • Access to translations
  • Access to color schemes
  • Ability to change fonts and rounding of buttons and form fields
  • Possibility to personalise CSS through a custom stylesheet
  • Free updates for Standard components and compositions

Composer Pro

This is the professional version of Composer, dedicated to power users (full CSS, JavaScript and XML/XSLT code editing), as well as template development in SMARTY and XSLT languages. Additional features include:

  • Create your own components

This gives you the opportunity to create an innovative and completely customised solution - either by yourself or by entrusting this task to a web developer.

  • Edit Standard components

This tool allows you to make copies of selected components and apply your own modifications to them.

  • Create Smarty and XSLT templates

Only with Composer Pro it will be possible to create, edit and publish your own templates in these technologies in the shop.

  • Transferring templates between shops

You can download all files of any template in XSLT or Smarty format and use them in another IdoSell panel with the Composer Pro service activated.

Standard, custom (coded by IdoSell developers) and custom Lite (based on Standard components) compositions do not require Composer Pro. Publication of personalised templates created with Composer Pro will require an active subscription. This also applies to templates made so far in these technologies and templates with edited component code as well.

If you are using custom XSLT/Smarty templates or templates from Composer in which you have edited the component source code yourself, the Composer Pro service will be automatically activated as of February 1st at promotional price of -75% (24 PLN per month).

Interface innovations

Later in January, we will introduce a redesigned composition management screen (including the whole process of creating a new composition and a list of published templates). This will make Composer much more intuitive to use. In the coming months, we will introduce richer options for moderating template appearance and content. We will be sharing the new features as part of our blog, so feel free to keep an eye on it.

Promotion -75%

We have always been proponents of the self-serve philosophy, creating solutions that allow our clients and third-party developers to self-serve IdoSell to the fullest extent possible. Composer Pro combines not only the previously available functions with those newly introduced in a coherent tool, but brings a new quality to their use from both the UX and technological side. We are proud of the new release of Composer, which is why we have decided to offer the tool in the Pro version 75% off for a limited time (at a price of 24 PLN per month).

If you want to modify a template yourself, develop it in XSLT or edit component's source code, then Composer Pro will be perfect for you.

More information about the new tool will be available soon on Composer's information page and in the FAQ.

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