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Black Friday in your e-shop. Explore ideas for effective advertising and marketing

Black Friday, the big sales holiday, in 2021 falls on 26 November. Prepare your offer in advance and plan your advertising campaign in detail, because this is the time when you can experience record sales increases. Remember that if you don't get your advertising right, you could miss out on big money. In the following article, we present ideas for effective advertising that will draw traffic to your shop.

  • Remember that it is important to plan your Black Friday 2021 offer properly. You should first prepare the product and discounts, and only then advertise it. Which promotions are the most effective? We explain!
  • Do you have your offers ready and already know which goods you will discount? Now you are wondering when to start advertising? It's a good idea to think about and plan promotional campaigns for your shop beforehand. You can do it right now! Start building brand awareness a few weeks before the sale. You can do this with adverts that will consolidate your brand image in the customer's mind. However, it's best to start all communication about Black Friday a week or a few days before so as not to distract from the motivation to buy.
  • E-mail marketing, SMS, social media, Google Ads, live selling - the opportunities to advertise your online shop before Black Friday 2021 are many. Find out which ones are most effective and fit your business.

The simpler, the better. What promotions work?

What types of promotions are most effective for Black Friday 2021? As IdoSell expert Patryk Matusiak assures - the simpler, the better. Reducing prices of the entire assortment or specific categories works best on customers. Luring customers with "lures", such as a big discount, but only for a few offers, may discourage them during Black Friday and make them leave the shop.

The promotion must be attractive. Black Friday discounts should start at a minimum of 10 percent, although some e-commerce experts say that customers (especially during the big sales holiday) respond to promotions only from 20 percent or more. If your margin doesn't allow you to offer such discounts, it's worth looking for other benefits. For example, you could offer free delivery or freebies.

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Plan your promotional campaign

When is the best time to start advertising your online shop before Black Friday 2021? You should certainly plan your promotional campaign well in advance, i.e. choose the channels for communicating with customers and the form of advertising. Organize all activities in a calendar, plan, and set deadlines for implementation. Start now and be prepared.

Also prepare some materials in advance, e.g. graphics or videos. Remember that every email, social media post, or Google ad requires you to have graphics ready. A very good and simple tool for creating graphics and banner ads is Canva. A promotional video should creatively showcase your most interesting products.

Learn from your mistakes!

Learn from the advertising campaigns you have carried out so far. Analyze the actions you took before Black Friday and the effects they had. To do this, answer a few questions:

  • which of your ads achieved the best results?
  • did you get better results with ads that described the benefits of your products, or those with information on price and delivery?
  • was the remarketing campaign effective?

E-mail marketing - send newsletters

This point cannot be missed. E-mail marketing is a very important form of advertising your shop, especially before Black Friday. You can start the communication a few weeks before Black Friday, but the first emails should not be about the details of the promotion, but only to increase brand awareness and its presence in the customer's life.

Then, about a week / two weeks before the sales holiday, let your customers know that you are preparing something special for them. Don't focus on specific products and discounts. Tell them that Black Friday 2021 will be special and encourage them to take a look at the range or compile their shopping basket now.

You can send another follow-up email on Thursday, the day before Black Friday. Now is the time for you to let your customers know the specifics. Let them know that from midnight you are starting with promotions and everything will be available for 30% off. Don't forget about the graphics. Make sure it is clear and legible and allows the recipient to get acquainted with the offer in a short time.

SMS to your customers

If you have a database of your customers' phone numbers and their consent to marketing communications, it's worth considering communicating via SMS. The likelihood that someone will read a text message is much higher than with an email or other direct form of contact.

Social media and #blackfriday

Use your social media profiles and grab the attention of your customers. Remember to plan everything well in advance. You can start the campaign even a month before Black Friday. The first posts, as in the case of e-mail marketing, should focus on brand awareness, i.e. building brand awareness, and not on specific offers and discounts.

A few days before Black Friday, you can publish an organic post announcing that the holiday is coming soon and your shop is preparing something special and the hottest goods will be discounted. This way, customers who won't want to miss out on the offer can turn on notifications on Facebook or Instagram.

Popular advertising posts for Black Friday are so-called carousels. This way, you highlight the best promotions in a few pictures and attract the attention of new customers. Publish posts with specific offers just before the holiday itself, so that your customers' attention is not distracted and they do not forget what they liked and would like to buy on Black Friday.

You can collect data on your customers' preferences using Meta Pixel. This is an analytics tool that helps you measure the effectiveness of your ads. With Meta Pixel, you can find out what actions your audience is taking in your shop. This tool helps you optimize your ads and adjusts your ad optimization based on conversion data. This is why it is useful for remarketing, i.e. campaigns targeted at people who have already visited your shop. Thanks to this, you can set up a campaign in which you encourage the purchase of products that the customer has seen before, and just for Black Friday are at a special reduced price.

Also, remember to make your presence felt on themed Facebook groups.

Ads on YouTube are cost-effective, as a thousand views can cost as little as a few zlotys. Such ads don't necessarily lead to conversions, but they do increase brand awareness and cement your image with customers.

TikTok, a good source of traffic

Advertising your online shop on TikTok is all about building brand recognition and customer interest in your shop. On TikTok you can publish creative videos using your products. It takes a lot of thought and effort, but it can pay off in terms of reach and direct traffic to your shop.

How do you grab a customer's attention?

A good practice is to use moving images in your campaigns, such as gifs. Remember also that it is important to use colours appropriately. On graphics during Black Friday, a black background and contrasting colours work on customers. If you want to create a message that is bright and striking, remember to keep it simple and minimalist.

Google Ads

Google Ads campaigns cannot be put off until the last minute. It's a good idea to submit your ad at least a week before you plan to launch it. This will help you avoid a situation where your ad is rejected a few days before Black Friday and you won't have a chance to get another one out in time. Also remember to plan a bigger budget for your Google Ads campaign.

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Tip from IdoSell

Now is a good time to test the shopping cart in your shop. Remember that about 70 percent of customers do not complete the transaction and do not buy products that they have previously added to their shopping cart. How to ensure a good checkout that will reduce abandoned shopping carts in your shop? Check it out!

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