In IdoSell Shop, on a daily basis, we handle hundreds of thousands of on-line orders generated by thousands of our clients. Everything that we describe in this section really influences the Polish and the Global e-market.

Blog - IdoSell Shop online stores

10 September

Your store is always protected! The subscription price includes a Commercial Wildcard SSL certificate for all domains assigned to the store in IdoSell Shop

From August 1, your store receives an automatically generated Commercial Wildcard SSL certificate for every domain added in the IdoSell Shop administration panel. This certificate covers not only the main domain, but also all subdomains (* Issuing certificates for domains is completely automatic, ensuring the continuity of certificates.

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5 September

A brand-new electronic document creator allows you to automatically sign a contract, contract assignment or contract termination via the CSC

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we decided to create a dedicated tool to minimize paperwork and speed up the process of verifying contracts, assignments and contract terminations. Every client can generate and electronically sign all necessary documents in few easy steps.

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31 August

IdoSell Shop Price List - update effective from October 1, 2018.

While retaining update conditions included in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions, we present changes in the IdoSell Shop Price List one month in advance. The new rules will apply from October 1, 2018.

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21 August

Online store combined with product catalog turned out to be an ideal way to generate sales leads for advanced systems offered by Europa Systems

Individual solutions prepared for Europa Systems diverge quite far from the standard implementation for a typical online store which main goal is to sale online. In case of a tailor-made system prepared for Europa Systems, the roles are reversed. The main goal of the system is to generate sales leads for advanced systems, which, combined with traditional online sales, drive organic website traffic and "sell products without prices" (in the form of the Product Catalog).

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27 July

The new Product Recommendation module aggregates all the recommendation options in one place and gives access to new, free, smart recommendations

We present a new module of Product Recommendations, thanks in one place in the panel you will be able to manage all the recommendations in your store. We have collected the options dispersed elsewhere in it. We have also added available from August 1 without additional fees, intelligent recommendations and the ability to enable them yourself.

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26 July

Important changes have been made to Google Maps, which may negatively affect the operation of the store

Google API keys were not required from the beginning of integration with Google Maps. Already a year ago, Google started to enforce API call limits more and more restrictively and for larger stores we introduced the optional possibility of providing our own development key, which, after paying a small fee, allowed for unlimited number of views. Unfortunately, there have been quite large changes in the Google Maps service recently.

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5 July

Orders from Amazon can be automatically submitted to a wholesale store that supports dropshipping

At IdoSell Shop, we focus on automating repetitive tasks so that the work is as simple and quick as possible. From now on paid order from Amazon can be automatically submitted to the wholesale store. Your work will be reduced to acquiring clients and marketing, and all logistics operations for such orders are taken over by the online wholesale store.

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29 June

IdoSell Shop Price List, and Terms and Conditions - update effective from August 1, 2018.

While retaining update conditions included in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions, we present changes in the IdoSell Shop Price List and Terms and Conditions one month in advance. The new rules will apply from August 1, 2018. The change in the Price List is a simplifying prices for the IdoSell Shop service.

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27 June

Facilitating customer service concerning processing customer data (GDPR) - you can check if customers have agreed to share their data with external sites

We do everything to make sure our systems are at the highest level of security and meet all applicable legal requirements. We therefore design changes introduced specifically to make legal obligations as simple as possible.

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13 June

IOF 3.0-new version of format for sharing offer for integration supporting differential files, sets and collections along with their components

From now on, IdoSell Shop stores can share the offer in a new version of the IOF format 3.0. It contains some important improvements, above all support for the file containing information about the main nodes of the items that have changed in the last 30 minutes, and support for sets and collections along with their components, as well as support for strikethrough wholesale prices, additional options for the parameters or the product location in the warehouse.

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