Auction settings profiles and handling them in the on-line store

Frequently asked questions about auction profiles.

What is auction settings profile and what benefits does it bring?

Auction settings profile is a set of auction resuming settings. It allows to list auctions without the need of taking all steps of Auction listing wizard. You can save a lot of time, using it. It also gives you control over auction listing process - all settings are stored in one place (SALES / Internet auctions / Auction settings profiles), so you can quickly view and modify them, if it is necessary.

Just define auction settings profile to be able to list unlimited number of auctions.

How to list product on auction, using auction settings profile?

First make sure, if:

  • there is at least one profile present for auction site, you would like to list auction on,
  • auction site category is assigned to product, you want to list.

To list product on auction:

  1. find Internet auctions on product card (product edition) or list of products,
  2. select auction site,
  3. click on List for size you want to list and List of available settings profiles window will be displayed,
  4. now you can decide whether:
    • list an auction normally (taking all the steps of auction listing process),
    • list an auction, using auction settings profile - selecting profile from drop-down list,
    • add new auction settings profile and list an auction with its use.

After selecting profile from drop-down list a window will be displayed with its settings preview. Here you can see, what settings auctions will be listed with and determine number of products to list.

If you are sure of these settings, click on List auctions. If any of settings do not suit your current need, go to profile edition, change desired things, save changes and start product listing procedure once again.

You can also take all the steps of Auction listing wizard ant save new template in step six - you will be able to use it later.

If all information necessary to list auctions will be complete and correct, auction will be listed. After successful listing, summary will be displayed.

Can I freely change settings of auction settings profile?

Yes, but always keep in mind a simple fact, that change in settings will affect auctions, using this particular profile. When they are resumed, new settings will be uploaded to auction site.

Can I assign auction settings profile to store or auction site? Can I change these assignments?

Yes, profile will be automatically assigned to store and auction site at the moment of saving it/adding settings in step six of auction creation process: store, from which auction is being listed, and auction site, to which auction is being listed.

If you add settings profile in SALES / Internet auctions / Auction settings profiles, it will be saved and assigned to store selected during transition to list of profiles.

It is not possible to change auction profiles - they are fixed.

How to add auction settings profile?

Auction settings profile can be added in three ways:

  • Go to SALES / Internet auctions / Auction settings profiles and click on Add new profile.
  • Click on List on product edition card - toplayer will be displayed. You can choose one of earlier-defined profiles, list an auction using classic wizard or add new profile.
  • Using standard auction listing wizard. You can save settings as a profile, as described above.

To which auction site category product is assigned, when I am using auction settings profile?

Product will be assigned to category selected during product edition. Category parameters, marked during assignment process, will also be used when auction is being listed.

Hint: Make sure, that all settings are correct during auction creation process.