PayPal Checkout

Express checkout in over 200 countries

Express checkout for cross-border sales | PayPal payments | Increase conversion

Enable expedited order completion so that your customers skip the time-consuming process of entering data. Reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts in your online store. Take advantage of the latest payment solution from PayPal.

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Enjoy express checkout from PayPal

Streamline international payment processing

PayPal allows you to sell to over 200 countries. The express checkout service will encourage foreign customers to buy from your online store.

Easy to sell abroad

The "in-context" payment feature, will allow your customers to pay using PayPal without leaving your store. This will allow them to access the transaction details and pay without worry.

Increase conversions

A quick order finalization process without the need for data entry will minimize the hurdles customers face in making a purchase. This, in turn, will make them more likely to complete the purchase

Take advantage of the payment that millions use

PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods in the world, which is available in over 200 countries and works in 25 currencies. Increase the potential of your online store abroad, thanks to IdoSell integration with PayPal. Offer your customers express payment finalization and enjoy the growth of your business in many markets.

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How does PayPal Checkout work?

First step of payment - photo

Step 1

The customer selects products on your webshop page

Second payment step - photo

Step 2

Logging into their PayPal account

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Step 3

Confirms purchase and order process is complete

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"PayPal Checkout complements IdoSell's partnered and certified integration with PayPal. It enhances the shopping experience for international customers who can make an expedited purchase with virtually one click, without the need to create a store account or fill out the necessary shipping information."

Artur Dobrowolski, Product Manager in IdoSell

Enable PayPal Checkout

To use the service, enable the IdoSell integration with PayPal. If you are already using the integration, PayPal Checkout is already available in your online store. If you haven't enabled the integration yet, use the instructions below.

How to enable PayPal Checkout?


Go to panel IdoSell


Go to Administration and select Payment Configuration


Under the Payment Configuration heading, click on the configure your PayPal account with IdoSell link


Click on the Add New PayPal Account button and fill in your details in the window that opens


Use PayPal Checkout