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Your attention required: on 31.07.2022 Amazon starts to expire its existing way of connecting to the service. Switch to the new SP API standard if you haven't done so already.

As announced, Amazon will start phasing out the old way of API connection - the so-called MWS. It is a good idea to take care of your integration continuity now and change the connection method. You will find information about this in this post as well as on our website.

From 1.08.2022 integration only possible with new connection method - SP-API

Amazon has announced that the previously maintained way of connecting to the service (MWS) will be phased out successively on 1.08.2022. The Selling Partner API (SP API) is a new integration standard that Amazon is implementing. The new mechanism is more stable and has fewer limitations. In the future, it will allow previously unsupported options to be implemented. The existing standard is no longer being developed by Amazon.

Reminder: How do you connect your account via the new SP-API standard?

Until 31.07.2022, sellers have the opportunity to switch to the new communication method themselves if they are not already using it. To do so, go to Marketing and integrations / Marketplaces / Amazon then click Account settings. In the Connect to Selling Partner API section, select Connect. The button will take you to the Amazon dashboard, where you will receive an authorisation message with the IdoSell application after logging in first.

The linking will take place when you tick the consent and select "Confirm". From this point on, the account will already be able to use the new integration. You can now switch the communication type in the configuration to the new one. You do this in the API Integration Method section by ticking the Selling Partner API (new) option and saving the settings.

After 31.07.2022 the existing MWS option will no longer be available for selection in the panel.

Instructions how to run new SP-API

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